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The wife got into debt to the spouse lost his beloved car

The vehicle was seized, the bailiffs, and it is supposed to go under the hammer.

The bailiffs of Novokuznetsk using the app “Mobile search” revealed the owner of the Audi car the debt on the loan in the amount of 200 thousand rubles. It was in June, the car was seized, and it was left to the debtor on responsible storage. Gradually the amount of debt declined money monthly recoveries from the debtor’s salary, but this was too slow, and by December, the debt was never repaid. Bailiffs together with a representative of trade organizations took the car on special Parking for sale. Then her heart failed wife — she could not allow her pious lost his favorite toy, and took out a loan for the amount of debt — 150 thousand rubles. Thus the debt was repaid, and the man picked up his car from spetsstavki, has informed Management of Federal service of court enforcement officers across the Kemerovo region.

  • To find the debtor is sometimes a real problem. So, in Perm the bailiff had to go to the trick to summon the defaulter alimony to the answer. The debtor was the owner of the car and just gaining new employees. A female bailiff signed up to interview with him ostensibly for the device to work as a cleaner.
  • And the debtor from Krasnoyarsk bailiff just called as a private client. It was found that this man engaged in private taxi driver, get his phone also was not difficult.

Photo: Roman Pimenov/TASS

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