The ZF group promotes solutions for Autonomous vehicles

NVIDIA Corporation announced that, together with the ZF group and the company HELLA has created a strategic partnership for manufacturing technologies for the development of tools for safety certification within the Program evaluation of new cars for the mass equipment of cars with automatic control system. The agreement is non-exclusive.The ZF group, one of the largest suppliers to the automotive industry, and the company HELLA, a leading supplier of software for the perception of camera and sensor technologies tier 1, will provide customers with a full self-service, which combines device’s front camera, and supports software functions and the radar system.

The partnership uses an AI-based platform NVIDIA DRIVE ™ PX with the aim of achieving the highest safety ratings in the assessment Programme for new cars as well as finding solutions for commercial and off-road vehicles. The NVIDIA DRIVE PX platform offers security in the framework of new car assessment and provides the possibility of independent driving on a single production-ready platform.

NVIDIA DRIVE PX will allow the ZF group and the company HELLA to develop software for scalable systems starting with modern driver assistance systems, which combine the modern technology of sensors of the imaging system and the radar system of Autonomous driving.

The strategic partnership. Dr. Stefan Sommer (left) and Dr. Rolf Breidenbach (right)

“The creation of the car with the automatic control system is one of the most important achievements of the society and one of the most complex in terms of production,” says Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA Corporation. “Our cooperation with the ZF group and the company HELLA will bring AI-solutions for automated driving, which include the safety assessment Programme for new cars million cars around the world.”

Dr. Stefan Sommer, CEO of ZF group Friedrichshafen AG, said: “step by Step we create a powerful ecosystem. Earlier this year, the ZF group became the first provider that implemented the AI technology of NVIDIA Corporation for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Boxing ZF ProAI. A few days ago, HELLA and ZF group joined forces in a non-exclusive partnership, and now we are collaborating with NVIDIA Corporation to make our roads safer and support the development of Autonomous driving functions”.

Dr. Rolf Breidenbach, CEO of HELLA KGaAHueck & Co., said: “the Combination of our experience in the field of software for the perception of front of the camera and the technologies of radar sensors with the experience of NVIDIA Corporation in the field of deep learning hardware and software will contribute to the development of technologies for the broad introduction of self-driving in many transport segments.”

About company HELLA
The company HELLA is developing a radar technology, basic software to detect within the Programme of the new car assessment, and provides testing services to manufacturers and suppliers of the tier; nearly 36 000 employees and approximately 125 affiliates in 35 countries.

About NVIDIA Corporation
The invention of NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) GPU in 1999 led to the growth of the market of computer games, the computer graphics override and the revolution in parallel computing. Recently, deep learning GPU pushed to develop a modern, where the GPU acts as the brain of computers, robots and vehicles with an automatic control system that can perceive and understand the world.

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