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There was a video from unmanned trucks Uber with a new navigation system

In the Internet appeared the video, the Volvo truck is equipped with a drone from Uber.

Uber continues to test self-driving cars. Now the company has released an unmanned trucks that are tested on the highways near San Francisco in California.

Video of driverless trucks Uber appeared on the pages of the publication Business Insider.

Uber has redesigned their self-driving trucks to blend in better
— Business Insider (@businessinsider) 10 APR 2018

Modern trucks with autopilot are practically no different from usual. On top of this car is equipped with a special sensor that scans the road 360 degrees. In Uber trying to make their drones look as close as possible to conventional vehicles, and was safe.

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Interest in self-propelled cars in Uber originated in 2016. Then the company bought a startup Otto, who designed an unmanned trucks. Originally, they were equipped with numerous sensors and cameras, which were connected to wires and did not look carefully. These cars do not inspire confidence on the roads. Now, the Uber trucks that are being tested in California, look very futuristic.

We will remind that earlier self-driving car, Uber, offline has created a deadly accident. Community of Arizona is concerned that Uber makes cars to go in test mode on public roads.

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