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Thieves in suits dogs stealing Christmas tree from the Park — that’s the plot!

The incident occurred last night in Saint-Petersburg on the Moika river embankment. The kidnappers trees put on a festive costumes to hide their faces.

Last week we talked about the fact that the traffic police together with employees of Department on economic security and environmental Prosecutor’s office conducts raids on the roads to identify illegally felled trees. Case in St. Petersburg proves the necessity of such checks: the attackers cut down young fir trees in nine years and plunged them into the minibus parked on the Moika river embankment, opposite building 82 case 1. For the conspiracy they put on costumes of dogs, after 2018, the Year of the dog, and people in the relevant thematic outfits on the street does not bother anyone. Criminal operation took video of one of the residents flats.

The definition of “criminal operation” we used no accident: according to part 2 of article 260 of the criminal code, for illegal felling of forest plantations by a group of people allowed the maximum sentence of 4 years imprisonment. But first the police need to catch the masked thieves trees.

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Photo: imdb

Video: YouTube

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