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This driver is lucky: the beam came into the cockpit

The steel beam went through the windshield, broke the instrument panel and stared at the steering wheel just in front of the chest of the driver.Alexander Khlynov


GTA in real life — flying over the truck

The steering wheel is stopped by a steel beam that fell from a truck and pierced the windshield, was a few centimeters from the chest of 49-year-old driver johnny law.

The accident happened on highway 96 leading to the capital of Michigan is Lansing (USA). Moving behind the truck, johnny found that he something fell off, tumbling on the road, headed straight for his car. It was the detail of the truck — a two-meter steel beam.

At the time of the accident, Lowe was traveling with on the cruise control set at speed of 65 mph (105 km/h). Noticing flying in a subject, he immediately started braking, hoping that it will weaken the blow.

The windshield and the instrument panel smashed to bits. The driver managed to pull over, and then he saw what happened. The only injury was a cut on his cheek — the steering wheel was stopped by a rusty beam and saved the man’s life.

  • On U.S. roads happen and even more incredible things. For example, one man imagines himself a truck, as they carried the sofa and went straight down the road, cursing the drivers.


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