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To buy a car — expert advice

In our new segment, experts of the magazine “Behind the wheel” to answer questions of readers. Continuing the theme of choosing a car.

“Direct line”, in which we invited readers help in choosing a car, continues to gain momentum. Our expert Ilya Pimenov answered new questions.

Ilya Pimenov, expert magazine “Behind the wheel”Ilya Pimenov, expert magazine “Behind the wheel”

Car loan: popular programs from Ford, Hyundai, Renault, Peugeot

Good afternoon. I hope that my question you like. Live with my family (wife and two children 4 and 6 years) in Tuapse. Family car Skoda Octavia A7 2013 with the 1.4 engine and a robotized gearbox. Was purchased in picking elegance car loan in September 2013 for 5 years almost 1 million rubles. I recently bought an apartment. Loan funds took about 1.5 million rubles. There is the idea to sell his car and thereby repay the mortgage, you will need to buy a car for our family — as cheaply as possible, just to have something to travel. Preferably with automatic transmission, Parktronic. Mandatory equipment — air conditioning (we have a very hot summer). And two children’s chairs need somewhere to put it. Expect the new car to take 3-5 years for subsequent sale to fully repay the mortgage. These are the thoughts, but maybe you have a different offer, which can be considered as an alternative. If not, then what car would you recommend? Thank you. (Alexei)

Ilya Pimenov:

— If you are considering only new cars and you do not mind another loan, I would suggest a variant of the Hyundai Solaris in picking Active Plus (1.4 ACP). The value of the car at the moment — 769 900 rubles.

Under the program “Start” in the credit period is 36 months and first payment is 20% monthly you will have to pay 14 388 rubles.

And since your family has two minor children, you are subject to the program “Family car” relating models of Hyundai Solaris and Creta: the customer must make a minimum initial Deposit (in this case 20%), and the state adds another 10% from car cost. Thus, the monthly installment will be reduced to 11 097 rubles.

Good day. I have a Hyundai Santa Fe 2011 onwards (automatic, 2.4, 174 HP, petrol), it’s almost 7 years old operate this vehicle. From December 2017, and to this day, Hyundai is conducting a promotion for the sale of Santa Fe the third generation, and with interesting discounts. So, the new Santa Fe (3rd generation) 2017 V., in picking Comfort (diesel, 2.2, 199 HP, automatic) at basic price 2 200 000 rbl. are sold at a discount of 420 thousand rubles. It is likely that in the end, the discount will amount to 520 thousand roubles. Thus, it is possible to buy a new car in about 1 700 000 RUB the price Tag is tempting, of course, at that price! But here come a new Santa Fe (4th generation). Should I take the car, the outgoing generation? What are the advantages and disadvantages when you purchase a car? Or maybe you suggest another option? Thank you.With best regards, Sergey

Ilya Pimenov:

— To dissuade you from buying a Hyundai Santa Fe, I will not. The thankless task is to embarrass the person already have chosen the subject of the purchase other options. Especially when we are talking about such a serious subject as the vehicle.

In respect of the purchase of the car of the previous generation on the eve of entering the new market, the obvious advantages are as follows. First, the dealer can get considerable discount (the amount is discussed individually) and some other bonuses (a privileged service, accessories gift, etc.). It is clear that the seller is interested in a quick release from the “stale” product. So you can get a discount of 20-25%.

Plus you will probably be a decent selection of unsold machines: no need to wait for the fulfillment of your order.

Good day!Want to buy a car Ravon Nexia 2018. Ride mainly to work and to work (25 km), once or twice a month to the city (500 km per day). How’s the reliability of Ravon? And, most importantly, cost of ownership: fuel costs, depreciation, insurance, tires, etc.?

With best regards, Sergey

Ilya Pimenov:

— It’s no secret that modern Ravon Nexia — turned T250 Chevrolet Aveo 2006 car tested. I advise you to study numerous materials about the experience with Aveo to get an idea about its reliability. In principle, the car has proven itself well.

As for the cost, immediately after buying a new car loses 15-20% of the price, and then annually for 10% residual value.

According to the technical characteristics, fuel consumption in the combined cycle from this car is 7 liters per 100 kilometers. In reality, the flow will, of course, slightly higher.

The car is equipped with wheels with a diameter of 14 or 15 inches and, therefore, inexpensive tires.

The cost of insurance depends on many factors: age, driving record, place of residence etc. You estimate the cost of insurance in any of the many online calculators.

Hello, dear editors of the magazine “Behind the wheel”. I have a question. Travel by car the Skoda rapid 1.6 (110 HP) 6AT a complete set of “Ambisn+” and winter package. The color is white. Car generally happy, but I want to buy A7 Octavia FL 1.6 (110 BHP) or 1.4 6AT (150 HP) DSG. in the same configuration or style. Preferably the latter. The silver color. Ride is moderately easy. Highway/city — 40/60. All within the SDA. Live in the so-called one-industry town in the region. SFD. The nearest Skoda dealer (located in the regional center) about 170 km. Per year passing somewhere in the 10-12 thousand km, driving experience just over 3 years. Thank you! (Ivan)

Ilya Pimenov:

— Hello, Ivan! If your question is whether it makes sense to change to rapid, Octavia, my answer is Yes, it does, if you have the financial ability, as it is an upgrade of the car. And it is better to choose a more powerful version, even if you are trying to strictly observe traffic regulations. More powerful and high-speed version will increase security and increase ease of movement.

Good day! Plan to change Mitsubishi ASX 1.6 Pajero Sport 2.5 diesel 2012 — 2015 V. with the mechanics. ASX operate in Karelia in the winter often lacks all-wheel drive, and in the summer road .. Sport expect to take 3-5 years. How you estimate my choice, which options should look for when buying (although they are much less mechanics, but more inclined to a mechanical box). Plan to operate year-round in the city, on the highway, also the forest (hunting, fishing). Maybe something worthwhile will offer in the range 1 000 000 — 1 300 000 rubles? Thanks in advance! (Novel)

Ilya Pimenov:

— Of course, the hunter and the angler-frame SUV fits much better than the crossover, so I support your decision. Advise other options will not, because of frame SUVs in the specified range only Russian and Chinese models, all of them with their “nuances”. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport — is a reasonable choice.

Only car now comes with a diesel 2.4, not 2.5, as you pointed out. The cost starts from 2 199 000.

When talking about a second hand Pajero Sport (car of the second generation), then any options of a minor, you should first look for the car in the best condition.

And the most useful options for a diesel car I would consider all sorts of warmups.

Good day! Very glad that there is a “Direct line” from the magazine “Behind the wheel”. I have a question. Next spring buy a car. Choose in the segment of 7-seater crossovers because I want to buy a universal machine so that it was enough for all aspects of my life. I am 30 years old. Has a wife and one child yet. I must say, the purchase is not given too easily in financial terms, will have to take a lump sum from relatives. Highlander, of course, strongly attracts comfort, spacious interior, different nice little things, but pushes the price, fuel consumption and obsolete media. Therefore seriously think about the Mazda CX-9. I think for reliability they are the same but different according to the age qualification — the Highlander 40 years, but if you’re 30 and you have a growing family, this Mazda CX-9. what do you think? What ever may be the arguments for and against? Anything below a price tag does not inspire confidence in reliability. Advise — what to choose? (Unsigned)

Ilya Pimenov:

— My opinion — you need to buy what like, and what lack of money, not looking at the opinions of others, and especially marketers, depicting various portraits of typical buyers. It is important to remember that the car will have not only to buy but to maintain. And if you have a Toyota, great.

Don’t forget that Highlander permanent all-wheel drive, while the Mazda is front-wheel drive by default. If you often travel with family on the nature or plan to do one this can determine your choice.

In addition, the Highlander is more spacious and more dynamic than the CX-9. Although he has a more simple interior and a fairly conservative design. However, for me it is rather an advantage.

Plus, the Highlander will be easier to sell when you decide to change the car.

What is the Volkswagen Polo to choose from: 90 HP or 110 HP in the configuration of the Drive? (Unsigned)

Ilya Pimenov:

— 110-HP version is more expensive than 40 thousand rubles.

In my opinion, this is a reasonable fee for greater convenience when riding. To 100 km/h 110-strong Polo with a manual transmission accelerates faster by 0.8 seconds. Obviously, the more powerful the machine easier and safer to overtake.

Hello. My name is Oleg. I have now Priora wagon 2011 mileage 75 000 km (it’s definitely not twisted) and in good condition, but the paintwork is so-so. The car is fully satisfied, probably due to the fact that I never rode on the cars and did not know what it is. Plus I don’t know how to order parts for them. Coming soon mortgage, and the profit after all expenses per month — 35000 rubles. Before me is a difficult choice. Either continue to drive this car another 5 years and capital, or rent something newer, to another 7 years it was possible to fix simple aggregations, because the mortgage is a tricky thing, and the prior can begin to break down (starting from the clutch at 100,000 mileage). I would need about the same size universal only with manual. I lean closer to the Hyundai i30, but ads about selling cars more fresh year is almost there. Apparently, the unit is reliable and everybody likes it, however, the ground clearance is very frustrating. Largus good in principle, but KP is set to high speed and clearly not for highways, and poor visibility because of these doors. How do you think, should I wait b/Vesta universal, so it cost about 500 thousand rubles, or used cars will be worthy. Maybe even easier to invest in Prior to 200, 000 and make it like new? It still “tens” and “nines” and go.

I would also like to add. I really like the design of the French Peugeot cars come from 2000 years, universal 407 looks from the outside very well, it is a pity that now only 408 sedan. I’m looking for that is universal for the purchase of furniture for a future apartment in the suburbs, plus moving. Even station wagons are great for long trips, but the main advantage I think rear wiper, so you can always keep a good overview. Is it true that the French Peugeot in our country is difficult to root, and only the last years, starting from 2013, with a normal cross? Why they all complain so much, and related so little?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Ilya Pimenov:

— Oleg, nice to meet a connoisseur of station wagons. This type of body in our country is undervalued.

If your vehicle starts to crumble (though it’s amazing with this mileage), will only overhaul, which in your case is irrational. And wait until the secondary market will be suitable Vesta-rounders, not worth it.

Don’t want to criticize the Peugeot, but the French universalists we have small quantities to find a decent copy with your money is hard. I would advise to look at other options, such as the Volkswagen Passat. You can buy a sturdy machine, released in 2008-2010. With 500 thousands you can buy and the Ford Focus Turnier — most likely, the second generation after restyling of 2007. Of course, if you want ground clearance in the 150-155 mm (as I understand from the question, this option is very important to you). If he hadn’t had such value, I would suggest you look at the wagons and the Chevrolet Lacetti Сruze.

But clearance is almost out of the competition just Lada Largus. A review of the Largus is not so bad — when properly configured, the driver’s seat and mirrors. Maybe you should take another look?

Good day. Tell me, is it worth buying a Skoda Octavia? Considering 2 options — 1.6 on the machine or 1.4 on the mechanics. Watched a bunch of videos on YouTube, mainly a matter of the engine. Will there be a problem with him? If there is a serious masroor due to weak rings on the pistons? Or should we consider other options? For example, a Corolla or a Citroen? (Ruslan)

Ilya Pimenov:

Videos on YouTube are difficult to attribute to reliable sources of information. The same Corolla, like other modern cars, the bloggers also criticized the “makoare” — that is an obvious exaggeration, to put it mildly.

Skoda have really had problems with oil consumption, but only on engines 1.8 series CDA (not all). Now the manufacturer admits the flow to 0.5 l per 1000 km.

I wouldn’t reject the car because of the need from time to time to monitor the oil level. In the end, modern machines, and so require virtually no attention from us. And new cars provided big guarantee.

In strict compliance with the maintenance intervals, you are unlikely to have problems.

Good afternoon. I live in Moscow. go to Mini countryman Cooper S. In principle, the car is fully satisfied: all-wheel drive for the winter courtyard, dynamics, ease of parallel Parking within the TTC because of the small dimensions of the machine capacity for a family of four. But it’s time to change cars, I would like to ask Council to buy in order for all the parameters was a little better!:)

  • Dynamic (now 8,2 with hundreds, I would like 7-7,5)
  • Its size completely satisfied (watched, sitting in the neighboring yard, the new countryman — well, it’s a barge, not assembled bulldog cartoon Tom&Jerry. Took a ride on the new Clubman Cooper s — is not it: low sitting, wide car. Cooper With the three-door is too small for family (although fun), pyatidverka — awkward with a nominal rear door.
  • Like Golf GTI, but it will not carry to us.

Your suggestions? With respect, Dmitry

Ilya Pimenov:

— If you do not much care about the price of BMW X2 xDrive 20i. Architecture — like the Countryman, but all the parameters a little better. Disperse hundreds in 7.7 seconds.

A few years ago competitors Golf GTI I would suggest the Ford Focus ST, Opel Astra OPC, Renault Megane RS… Now about these machines we can only remember.

Hello. Own for the eighth year Chevrolet Captiva 3.2 L. 7 seats.Gorgeous car! But the mileage is more than 200 thousand hints that nothing lasts forever. I understand that now classmates on the possibilities offered by my car, no. Now there is no compact crossovers with 7 seats, opening rear window, folding front seat, naturally aspirated engine and Japanese hydroautomation. Looking for something similar to what own, but ready to descend to earth on price considerations.

My selection criteria:

  • the reliability of assemblies with a high mileage over 7 years of operation
  • engine response, providing the country overtaking without the stress on the psyche
  • not vystragivaemaja soul pendant
  • the salon is more spacious than the Ford Focus
  • a large trunk in the station wagon or minivan (heelminibus)
  • economical or technical ability to operate a car on propane (hydraulic valves, etc.)

Sincerely, Oleg

Ilya Pimenov:

— It is not clear that a priority for you: compact cars or semimestny? Or is it an engine and a Japanese machine? And maybe the ability to operate the vehicle on gas? You also did not indicate the limit of their financial capabilities.

If you don’t fundamentally have four-wheel drive, it makes sense to look to the so-called “commercial” technology, like Peugeot Partner Tepee or Volkswagen Caddy (can be a 7 seater). Although the Germans prefer to put their robotic transmission DSG, but not the Japanese machines. And molokopodobnye supercharged engines, not atmosferici. However, all the “heels” roomy and kept runs great. Interesting model Citroen Berlingo Multispace. Recently in our market there is Renault Dokker is quite suitable for the role of a family car.

But, I think, a little closer to your request such cars as the Kia Sorento and Hyundai Santa Fe.

P. S. Edition of “Behind the wheel” thank you for your interest. Dialogue with our experts will be continued.

Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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