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To prevent spikes in the cities, to return the sign “W” — discussion in the Duma

Deputies again began to discuss measures to reduce the harm caused to the roads studded tires.Elena Alekseeva


Big test of winter tyres: choice of “driving”!

Studded tyres cause extensive damage to the road surface, remembered yesterday in the state Duma at the round table organized by the Duma Committee on transport and construction. Every year the government spend on the rehabilitation of roads from 60 billion to 220 billion rubles., and 53 billion rubles spent on the repair of the rut, occurs most often because of the spikes.

The Customs Union’s technical regulations on safety of wheeled vehicles stipulates that from December to February it is impossible to drive without winter tires (regardless of the presence of spines), from June to August it is prohibited to use the spikes. However, the penalties for the infringement no fine was not imposed, therefore, the recommendations of motorists often do not comply.

The round table discussed the initiative to introduce a penalty for violation of rules of use of tires, give regional authorities the right to independently determine the period of operation of seasonal tires (depending on climate it may be different), to start the system of automatic identification of transport spiked by cameras, writes “Kommersant”. This will return the required “Spikes” so that the cameras could identify in the flow of such cars. Recall that the sign “n” on vehicles with studded tires was cancelled two years ago at the initiative of the traffic police.

In large cities where utilities are cleaning the roads, do not need studded tires, they really do not work, and the roads at the same destroy. Experts say that the primary rut occurs in the leftmost lanes, which is where most drive cars on the spikes. It was therefore proposed to conduct an experiment, for example, in Moscow to limit the use of spikes. This would save money, as the roads would be less destroyed.

Also it is necessary to conduct explanatory work with the owners and explain what studded tires, for example, in a metropolis you don’t need, with the possible problems it can handle “Velcro”.

All initiatives will examine the working group and within three months to finalize the proposals for the introduction of a bill to the state Duma.

  • To limit the use of studded tyres can be quite a simple way, says Deputy Alexander Vasilyev, enter the excise tax and significantly increase their value. Thus, the excise tax will be compensation for their harm to the Russian roads.


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