To recall the cars started and UAZ

Ulyanovsk automobile factory has announced a recall of three models: the conventional model of the pickup on its base and commercial vehicle Cargo. The campaign is the check character and is caused by possible problems with the brakes. However, the service will call all buyers of these machines over the past three years.The press service noted that the opinion applies to machines produced in the period from January 2014 to may 2017. The letter with the request to visit the station maintenance will be directed to owners who have bought cars from March 2014 to July of this year.

In July, UAZ announced the recall of SUVs Hunter, which affects more than 11 thousand cars. Cars found substandard injection hoses of the power steering.
Practice of recall of its vehicles started to use only recently. Before that, to withdraw their cars Lada have learned that the first 40 years of activity AVTOVAZ is generally not practiced recall of cars to replace the factory marriage. Golden “penny” of the Soviet automobile industry: Unknown facts about VAZ 2101

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