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To ressortiront wheel yourself? It’s easy!

Pereobuvku on the nose! Therefore, several issues of “Techcrazy” we decided to dedicate a tire topics. To begin tell you, how to ressortiront wheels.“Behind the wheel”

In the mid-to-late fall of car owners stormed the tire. However, ressortiront wheels you can own. We’ll show you how to do it. We will need a special tool and a screwdriver to turn the spool wheel, and a pair of montages that will help to remove the tyre from the wheel.

To rid the drive of the bus, we bought some simple, but very useful device — a mechanical bortirovki wheels. On the market there are several options but we chose the one that produces the company “Sorokin”. Inexpensive. Thanks to the possibility to adjust the sliding rod to remove the tires from disks of different diameters. You only have to choose the desired position pull and tighten the two retaining bolts it, then you can start to work.


We took a 16-inch wheel. The tire easier to remove if you put it on the floor. In the process, not to scratch the aluminum disk is placed under a sheet of polyurethane foam, which is used in construction for sound and heat insulation. Turns the cap to the valve, hold your finger, Unscrew the valve core so it does not jumped under air pressure. Tire starts to deflate.Before carrying out work using special tools, you have to dip the working edge of the disc penetrating fluid. Otherwise we risk damaging the disc. Also fluid leaked under the edge, will make it easier to remove wheels with harrow.

Experiment retreading is

Apply our device to the disk. His hook in this case must protrude from the mandrel to 7-8 cm To the landmark is one hole on the sliding rod. Hand presses on the fixture with one hand, so it went under the ledge of the disc, and start the hook under the disc on the opposite side. Hold the levers of the device in different directions. The main thing — not to try to throw the tire, and move it gradually Khampa. Otherwise, the tire may suffer. Note that the device should not be inserted next to the wheel valve.

Pulling and moving the tool slowly move the tire with Khampa around the entire circumference. Hold the side of bortirovki where there is no hook, you can foot. Removing the tyre from one side, turn the wheel and is doing the same work on the other. Do not forget about lubrication. By the way, it is optional to use fluid, suitable silicone composition.

We removed the tire with harrow on each side. Left to take the mounting of the blade and to completely remove the tire from the wheel. The processed belt penetrating lubricant. It is advisable to get on the inside of the rim, this will make it easy. Set up the first shovel under the tire. It is easy to do in the area of the wheel valve. Pre-tap the pry bar to the side to in progress it does not hurt. The adhered print foot. Next insert the second blade and raise it to the edge of the tyre. Do this throughout the inner circle, also gradually. We removed the tyre from one side of the disk, can do the same with the other. Overturn the wheel. Start the blade at the disk and begin to remove it from the tire. Once we have succeeded, we can assume that the work is done.

To ressortiront wheel yourself is easier than it seems. The main thing — to stock up on necessary tools and free time, and also to consider the peculiarities of rubber.

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Photo: “Behind the wheel”

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