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To slip or pass all unpleasant, but typical situation

Every movement of the car can be broken down into simple components: acceleration and braking, turning and riding in a straight line. And each component of every minute we make the decision. In this task all the items are, but is there a main — cold driver’s head?Vladimir Solovyov “Behind the wheel”

Before us is a four-lane suburban road. You are driving with allowed speed of 90 km/h in the left lane. The dense flow in the right lane is moving slower than about 10 km/h. the Road gradually goes to the left, and suddenly you find that the front of 100 meters, on your lane is a car, whose driver intends to turn left. In the right row before you go train, and behind him, within easy reach of several cars.

On the opposite direction of the busy count on the fact that a stopped car here-here will turn off and release you the way, is not necessary. There is a dilemma: whether to get ahead of the train, or to wait, when will it be possible to hook into the right lane. What will you do?

We offer you to vote for one of the options that you choose, based on your driving experience, and possible situations we will discuss on the next page.

16 Oct

Before you — up, right — dense flow. What to do?

1. Slip in front of the train. 2. The driver will honk the train, so missed. 3. Slow down and get into the right lane behind the truck. 4. Stop and wait until the patch is released (or will appear on the right place).Vote


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