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Top 10 automotive events in the world — 2017

After another year, you always want to exhale and look back to once again assess its outcomes. What brought us 2017? What is most memorable? What made me think? Let’s run via the ten most significant events that have divided the usual course of things in the world of cars “before” and “after”. And not in Russia (of which we talked about separately), and beyond.

The car is minted on the coin

It’s time! And then all the chiefs, animals and sights. And here — the whole machine. Albeit small, but a cult. The Ministry of economy and Finance of Italy has put into circulation a silver coin with face value of 5 euros, dedicated to the anniversary of the legendary FIAT 500, which this year celebrated its sixtieth birthday. However, at face value to purchase the coin with the machine you will not be able to sell it for 40 euros apiece. Robbery!

Provided by an electric Tesla truck

With electric cars, the company Elon musk hit the jackpot: Tesla cars have become a desirable purchase for people progressive and wealthy. And now Musk threatens the world with Tesla electric tractor Semi, with absolutely amazing features. The Quartet of electric motors located on the rear axles, makes a loaded truck (36 tons at the moment!) to accelerate to 60 mph (97 km/h) for 20 seconds. And empty the truck and is ready to compete with sports cars in just 5 seconds! The power reserve is also impressive: 300-500 miles — that is more than 800 km in economical driving. However!

Manufacturers ignore the dealerships

More recently, international motor show was the main platform for the public display of the new models, but lately from the automotive companies, there has been a distinct trend to “otkazyvat” from the largest exhibitions. Can be, so we have no choice but to stare at girls in the stands? For example, this year’s Frankfurt motor show ignored Mitsubishi, Volvo, Peugeot and DS, Jeep and FIAT, along with Alfa Romeo, and Nissan and Infiniti. Nine brands! But why? It’s simple: the management of the companies believes that it is ineffective. Much more rational to hold an online broadcast of the presentation or to disseminate information about the new product through social networks.

A vending machine for the manufacturing supercars

The fact that you can buy a car online, no longer news. However, vending machines car still was not. Now — there. In Singapore. Company Autobahn Motors, specializing in sales of expensive cars, built a fancy showroom, which is essentially a vending machine. 15-storey glass building from top to bottom crammed with all sorts of auto Exotica. To acquire the right product is easy: you only need to select it on the display, and after a couple of minutes helpful the machine pulls the machine down.

Street racers sentenced to life imprisonment

This story happened in February. The Berlin court has appointed punishment to two young people who the year before was arranged in the center of the city impromptu race cars. The winners in this contest were: as a result of this-in the racers collided with an SUV, whose driver died on the spot. “Riders” received the harsh sentence on several counts, among whom was the article for murder.

Rumors about the market launch of the new brand Road Rover

British land is rife with rumors: the fall of Autocar magazine mentioned that Jaguar Land Rover is preparing a new model vehicle, which can be on sale under the brand name Road Rover. Perhaps it will be built on the same platform with the Jaguar XJ of new generation luxury touring terrain. And it’s sort of will be electric. But this is not accurate.

PSA bought Opel

Americans have long conspired to rid themselves of a major European asset. In 2009, the company Opel was almost sold to an international consortium, which included canadian company Magna and our home savings Bank. But at the last moment the management decided against General Motors, fearing for their technology. And yet this year the PSA group has made the Americans an offer they could not refuse: the amount of the transaction is estimated at EUR 2.2 billion. Now the French group became the second largest car manufacturer in Europe.

Citroen sent the hydropneumatics

Clever hydro-pneumatic suspension has been a signature feature of the French brand since the gorgeous classic Citroen DS. Incredible smoothness coupled with the ability to change ground clearance significant limits are the two main advantages. However, suspension Hydractive recently built on the model C5, the popularity of which has recently disappeared. And here the French brought “TSE-fifth” out of circulation — and with it the hydropneumatics. Eeeh, gone era…

Closed the company’s factory Holden

In October closed the last of the plants of the Australian company Holden. This firm, now owned by General Motors, more than a hundred years produced cars. No, of course, the brand itself will remain, but the machines that will instruct her to wear no longer can be called Australian — under this brand in Australia will be sold by Chevrolet and Opel turned Korean and European production. And other purely Australian brands in the mainland there.

Created obese mannequins for crash test

123 pounds — weighs as much plastic very large male who will participate in the “sprightly” trials, seated behind the wheel of a car-bombing. However, it will be worthy of the company: “the old lady”, the weight of which is also clearly above average. Mannequins developed by the American company Humanetic to participate in crash tests that will allow you to assess the risk for fat people (whom lacking not only in America) in an accident.

Photo: AP/TASS, manufacturers

Top 10 automotive events in the world — 201710 main automotive events in the world — 2017

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