TOP best car colors in the resale of cars

Uhthe fact, as the statistics show automobile search engine iSeeCars, which analyzed the 2.1 million sales of used cars. According to the study, the average fall of prices of the machine after three years of operation amounts to 33,1%. However, yellow cars, this figure is only 27%, in the red and white cars lose value of 32.7 and 32,6 % , respectively. And most of all on the resale of their three-year Pets lose the owners of the cars with a Golden body — 37,1% .

“Our analysis shows that the yellow car has the lowest depreciation of prices. This is not only true for sedans and hatchbacks, but also for SUVs with pickups”
Chapter iSeeCars Fong Li

Interestingly, the number of days needed to sell a car, there is an inverse relationship. Yellow sold the longest: an average of 41.5 days. Golden — 34,5, silver 38,8, red — 40,9.

Change car depending on the color

Color Change (%)
Yellow 27
Orange 30,6
Green 30,9
White 32,6
Red 32,7
On average 33,1
Blue 33,5
Brown 33,5
Grey 33,5
Black 33,6
Silver 34
Beige 36,6
Purple 36,7
Golden 37,1

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