Toyota built a van for travelers

Nowinka for travelers is designed in cooperation with the relevant company QUQUQ. Travel camper is offered in five and seven-seater version, which differ in the design of folding beds. For an additional cost customers can opt for the optional picnic set with practical folding tables and chairs.

In the Luggage compartment of the van appeared a folding box where the plate and all kitchen utensils. It also has a water tank and a sink.

For a fee buyers will be offered a folding table and chairs, and a special tent Dachzelt ARB Simpson III, which is a continuation of the vehicle from the rear and installed in 15 minutes, and roof rails with the roof rack.

With all options the cost of tourist Verso Toyota ProAce will be 40 795 Euro — for just five thousand more than the standard van. Such campers also produce Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. However, in the case of the German brands it’s about special versions vans, prepared in the factory, and not of a universal range of accessories.

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