Toyota Land Cruiser Prado: the will, in the pampas

Nand two dozen journalistic Land Cruiser Prado is just one instructor Hilux with a winch. A couple of assistants to the instructor (also on the “Halakah”) took place in the middle and the end of our column, and we go to almost 800-kilometer race. On the tarmac will have only a tenth of the way! Thus shod car in a simple road tires on dapper 19-inch “rollers”.
Formally, we are talking about the second modernization of the car of generation IV, however, the number and depth of change makes you forget about the formalities: there is a new Prado.

In Ukraine, there are none, put our Prado drives on 17 and 18 inches. Oh, and the tire pressure reduced to one and a half atmospheres. But this is clearly to the sand, a reliable sign. Come true? We’ll find out. Wish that came true. After we arrived in Namibia across the world precisely to experience the glorious all-terrain vehicle on the roads of all kinds, which can only offer a local nature.

Athletes don’t cry

The people from Toyota call this the new Prado – and, it seems, have every right to be. Formally, we are talking about the second modernization of the car of the fourth generation, however, the number and depth of change makes you forget about the formalities. Body proportions have not changed, but many items are new: both bumpers, hood, grille, and even, it seems, wings. Here is the image they create is different. If in General, the SUV finally showed character and… relief. Prado now looks like an athlete!

New optics, grille, bumpers and hood: the legendary SUV radically changed his image, becoming fit and athletic.

From the inner corners of the “eye” finally drained sad drops running lights. Very controversial was the nuance in the appearance of the predecessor, very discussing. And now to talk about: the new design is undeniably good. The lights were led in all trim levels except the base – Prado in vehicle Comfort have got halogen optics without lenses. But even a shy guy will be LED in protivotumanki and stop signal lights.

Cool backs!

The wind of change burst into the salon Prado, brought comfort and coolness. The speedometer and tachometer went up with the shady bottom of a deep “wells” and clung to a color 4.2-inch display on-Board computer; models in the Prestige and Premium it will show the maximum allowed even on this site of speed: Land Cruiser Prado is now able to read road signs.

A new instrument panel and steering wheel, as the “dvuhsotki” – Land Cruiser Prado once removed all claims that have accumulated and to the design and functionality of the salon in the four years that passed since the previous update.

However, this elegant screen can be a simple monochrome. And will – if you choose the Land Cruiser Prado with a 2.7-liter 163-horsepower gasoline engine. This motor is good because it allows you to become the owner of a legendary off-roader – and a new note! – for $40 thousand, and many, of course, will not resist the temptation. Don’t see anything wrong with, especially for those who are accustomed to travel in peace; passport 13.9 seconds to hundreds of 2.7 l Prado is a pretty calm pace. Still have to live without push button start engine, sensor tire pressure, heated rear seats and windshield – not available-… the Glass will still be warm, but not entirely, and in the area of the wipers.

Instrument panel with color display Board computer is put all the Prado version with a gasoline engine of 2.7 literLand Cruiser Prado learned to show what he’s got under the wheels. And even the wheels themselves painted the picture for better clarity, the Ventilated front seats – a very important innovation. It is tri-mode, works very nicelyRemote control off-road potential top-end version of the SUV now looks neater and simpler: two “whirlings”, two rows of buttons,the Rear passengers of all Prado, regardless of engine, got a convenient opportunity to give additional freedom to the legs, sliding back his seat,offering rear passengers separate climate zone and heated seatsFront seats – in an expensive office. Waiting for his boss. He will not regret: back in the new Prado is very comfor

One of the most interesting options comfort new Prado – ventilated front seats – with a 2.7-liter engine does not conflict, comes with leather trim for all engines and trim levels, starting with Elegance. However, most buyers will surely be interested in the turbo diesel 2.8 l, which is equipped with all the test SUV. This engine now complies with Euro 6, he and only he is included in all four complete set (Junior petrol 2.7 l offered only in facilities, Comfort and Elegance, senior 4-liter – Prestige and Premium).

Land Cruiser Prado turbo diesel with approximately a hundred kg heavier than any other engine, but dizelek wins the hearts of four and a half hundreds of Newton, the whole going under the pedal already with 1600 rpm, and efficiency. The motor on heavy fuel – only, which passport appetite Prado placed in the top ten, and in all three cycles: urban, rural, mixed. And, since our column is not joined to the truck, the choice of diesel to travel inland more than justified.

A sense of security

So far, we are on asphalt, the new Prado seems to be nothing to surprise me – the perfect cover SUV expected is great. Asphalt in Namibia as smooth as an egg, despite the scorching sun and scurrying to and fro trucks. Because I play with the driving modes, Drive Mode Select, the difference in comfort suspension with electronically-adjustable dampers will not feel. But the difference in the reaction to the gas pedal in Eco mode and Sport+ you can feel the difference in the force on the steering wheel, the SUV is able to change it thanks to the VFC, although is still equipped with the power steering. So, to tighten up the wheel, holding himself in his own strip, Prado is not able.

New optics, grille, bumpers and hood: the legendary SUV radically changed his image, becoming fit and athleticIf lights – full led (with the exception of lights turns) in most models, the LED lights only the brake

But to automatically brake ready, as well as to monitor blind spots and warn the hindrance behind, approaching in the transverse direction, the car received a complex security system Toyota Safety Sense. Sounds simple, but the engineers for this Titanic held: “electric diagram” predecessor, did not fit, had to completely redraw. At the same time the SUV and got adaptive cruise control and learn to maintain distance to the vehicle in front, even if it changes its speed.

ACE in the hole

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado responds to the wheel of a great responsive and turns more than a two-ton SUV focused, all at once, although its front suspension is steel springs and a rear – pneumatic. The height of the rear axle can be changed in the range of 4 cm, and this capability is obviously useful off-road. Like many other opportunities that can give only Land Cruiser Prado in the maximum configuration Prestige.

The system Multi-terrain Select appeared Auto. Turns on automatically when you activate the “crawling” of the system and Crawl Control but Prado moves at a speed of from 1 to 5 km/h

All other equipment – Comfort, Elegance and Premium – car armed with a permanent all-wheel drive, low close, asymmetrical Central differential Torsen 50:50 to 30:70) and forced to block. A lot, enough in most off-road situations, but this whole set was before. And to top Prestige, in addition to the above, now includes a limited-slip rear differential, and this is new: previously, the diff was blocked by force. Now he is on his own, which rather changes the behavior of the Prado on the ground, and for the better. Or perky, if you want.

On the disposal of gas – say, in front of the turn – off differential locks, and divides torque in favor of the outer wheel. This Prado is now much more readily dived into the turn, and exit from it works. Speed driving on the ground and the sand became much more exciting. Especially if you deprive the machine of doubt about the fact that she’s under the wheels: choose from five modes of a system Multi-terrain Select, and Prado will immediately know whether or not to allow the wheels to slip, and how much. On the stones of slippage should be minimal, but on shaky ground the thrust can not regret.

Gas under pressure is bolder because now you can better imagine what is happening under the wheels of the Prado. The system of the circular review off-road Multi-terrain Monitor has expanded the amount of available driver types, literally learned to look under the bottom of the SUV. Now the front camera records the image of the road about 3 feet in front of Prado and displays it on the monitor after the car these meters will pass. Very convenient, especially on the complex rocky terrain.

So Land Criuser Prado not only rejuvenated soul, quite unexpectedly for others, but also considerably wiser. Not often, but very good combination of qualities.

We thank the company “Toyota Ukraine” for assistance in organizing a test drive.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2018. Namibia

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