Toyota will send to the moon own vehicle

Aboutidesa that details about the new project of JAXA and Toyota will appear next week. While it is known only that the flight to the moon scheduled for the year 2030. The purpose of the mission LUNAR-A will be the study of the soil and subsoil of the satellite, and find answers to questions about its origin and evolution. Lunar Rover Toyota will be home on wheels for two astronauts for up to 42 days, and will be able to pass thousands of kilometers of unmanned from the next landing.

“It will be a very difficult task, — said the technical Director of Toyota, Shigeki Terashi — the moon has no paved roads”

Recall that the first on the surface of our satellite went down, the Soviet Lunokhod-1 — in the “Sea of Rains” in the North-Western part of the apparent in November 1970. He worked on the satellite for 11 months.

Then came the American Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), which was used in the Apollo program in 1971-72. And in 2013 in the framework of the Chinese unmanned mission “Chang’e-3” on the moon’s surface landed the Rover “WiTu”, named after a character in Chinese mythology.

Toyota is not the first automaker, which is looking to the moon in 2015, Audi revealed the quattro lunar Rover. Four-wheel drive apparatus equipped with four electric motors, a lithium-ion battery and sliding the solar panel to recharge the batteries.

Audi conquers the moon

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