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Traffic police warned of the “day of the tinman” — on Tuesday

In the Moscow region is expected cold snap, which will bring confusion in traffic.Alexander Khlynov


Reagents are banned from use in schools, hospitals and sports grounds

Moscow traffic police asks drivers to change summer tires to winter due to the forthcoming cold snap bearing down on the capital region. On Tuesday the temperature will reach below zero in the night hours, followed by precipitation such as snow and rain. As a result, roads can form ice, which will provoke a massive crash as it happens from year to year.

The “avoid “day tinsmith” employees of traffic police ask drivers of vehicles requested to change the wheel summer tires in the winter”, — stated in the message.

Drivers who do not have time to prepare their cars for the winter, often get into accidents in the first days of frost. The situation on the roads is often compounded by the actions or omissions of public utilities — discussion of this has already begun in social networks. In the result of a large number of accidents are created kilometers-long traffic jams. To reduce the risk of accidents, it is recommended to change summer tires for winter and to be extremely careful while driving, especially on bridges and overpasses, which freeze faster than the ground.

  • One example of a massive accident because of the ice you’ll find here.


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