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Traffic police will cancel the “fake” diagnostic card

In the absence of evidence that the vehicle passed inspection, the traffic police will void diagnostic card, and with it may the insurance policy.Alexander Khlynov


MIA doesn’t want to punish for mileage

A new scheme of punishment of car owners who purchased a diagnostic card without visiting the point of inspection or violations of procedures published by the Ministry of transport on the website

If the vehicle has not been shown on examination, his diagnostic card will be revoked, after which the information about the forgery will give to the insurance company, which would cancel the insurance policy on the car.

The proposed changes were approved by Government decree No. 1008. A new document will be implemented on 8 June 2020. Then begin to act and a new law on inspection (170-FZ).

Thus, in the field inspection will be conducted by another reform, in which vehicle owners will no longer be able to buy a diagnostic card that people today prefer to do 80% of motorists.

Passing inspection will be recorded on three photos: before the inspection, during it and after. Pictures will be sent to the Ministry of internal Affairs and kept there for at least a year.

In a feature there’s just one problem: the insurer shall not be entitled to terminate the insurance contract unilaterally. This can be done only through the court. Until there is a court, a motorist can get, for example, in an accident. In the end, paying money for the policy, the motorist will receive the purchased insurance. Moreover, it is possible that he may be paid before compensation and even accused of fraud.

  • For older vehicles introduced a special guest.


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