Truck Mercedes X-class will be šestikolesnym

From the truck, which was called X-Class Exy 6×6, lengthen the base and substantially revised exterior: in front of the body will be new carbon fiber bumpers, hood and fenders with extended wheel arches, rear — fencing of the loading platform and a new exhaust system. In addition, the equipment of the truck includes a winch and led light bulb on the roof.

Technical characteristics of the proposed model are not revealed yet. It is expected that it will receive increased ground clearance and advanced powertrain.

Truck Mercedes X-Class turned into a Maybach

Standard truck Mercedes-Benz X-Class, is built on the same platform with Renault and Nissan Navara Alaskan, the top version is equipped with 258-horsepower three-liter V6 turbodiesel with direct injection and the turbine with variable geometry impeller.

With this motor all-wheel-drive truck able to accelerate to the first hundred in 7.5 seconds. Claimed fuel consumption in combined cycle is 9 liters per 100 kilometers. The capacity of the first production pickup truck Mercedes-Benz is one ton, 3.5 ton can be towed on the trailer.

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