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Turkmenistan has banned cars. But only a certain color

Power the Central Asian country since January of this year officially banned the import, sale and maintenance of cars in black.

While some European countries and China are preparing to ban cars with internal combustion engines, the authorities of Turkmenistan decided to ban the cars of black color.

The official position on the decision no. Customs has stopped flowing into the country cars in black colour in 2015, however, they could not reference any official documents explaining the decision. The indignant buyers and sellers, they explained that it was necessary to choose a white car, as “the white color brings good luck”.

In the same year on the car of black color in Turkmenistan simply not allowed to drive. According to”Chronicles of Turkmenistan”, the country’s capital, Ashgabat, cars black mass evacuated to the impound lot of traffic police.

Impound lot cars give the drivers a receipt with the obligation to paint the car in light shades or white color. The publication notes that due to in effect ban the car service raised prices for painting car bodies. If earlier it cost around $ 500, now cheaper than 1000 dollars a car, at least in Ashgabat, not repaint.

The editorial “Behind the wheel” lost in conjectures, what could be the reason for the ban black cars. Perhaps, in Turkmenistan mistranslated the saying of Henry Ford “Car can be any color, if this color is black.” But he was referring to the production of machinery and their depreciation. Turkmen media gently remind you that white is the favorite color of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who believe in omens and superstitions.

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Photo: Mercedes-Benz

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