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Two fishermen and a dog were four days living in the truck, escaping from crocodiles

Truck brand Holden has become an island of salvation for stuck in the mud of travelers and their dogs, went fishing on the Peninsula the Dampier Peninsula in the South-Western part of Australia. They were crying from happiness when they found the rescuers.

Crocodiles — one of the natural business cards Australia but, unlike the kangaroo and Koala bears, with people they are not friends and consider them only as food.

Not to be eaten, stuck in the mud on the Peninsula Dampier Peninsula fishermen had to spend four nights on the roof of a pickup Holden, crocodiles all this time waited patiently until the prey finally deigns to come down to earth.

According to the ABC News website, for fish the travelers went early last weekend, and missed them on Monday when they returned home. Cellular, presumably, in the wild places there, rescuers found the missing travellers by helicopter only in the second half of the day Tuesday — by the time the fishermen is almost over the water, they were severely depleted, exhausted and rather burned by the sun. With them in the back of a pickup truck from crocodiles escaped dog.

All the rescued were provided with the necessary medical and psychological assistance, now their health is not in danger. About the fate of the crocodiles have not been announced — they will probably now have to look for a new livelihood.

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