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UAZ Patriot with a gun: conclusions after the first tests

Equipped with automatic transmission Oise, in General, received good feedback — however, without a “but” has not done.Alexander Khlynov

UAZ will soon start selling the Patriot with a 6-speed Powerglide automatic transmission 6L50 from the company Punch, able to withstand up to 320 HP and 500 Nm.

Recall that the Ulyanovsk SUV is equipped with engine ZMZ Pro, which produces 150 HP and 217 Nm of torque. A margin of safety is impressive — and experts have speculated how much can last the unit for the Patriot.

What do you think about the new version of Patriot auto experts and bloggers?

The overall impression is positive. The car became much more comfortable, easier to manage, quieter and celebrated by people. However, almost none of them in my library, having been behind the wheel of a new version of the SUV, not without a “but.”

Let’s start with the reliability and service life. Expert “Behind the wheel” Alexey Revin comprehensively examined 13 years of experience using the box Powerglide 6L50 and made promising findings. This machine was equipped with a heavy American pickup truck Chevrolet Colorado with a 300-horsepower V8 engine, the torque was 434 Nm. Complaints about the auto box did not arise. Also Alex found out that in combination with less powerful engines, like the Patriot, a “resource box can exceed 300 000 km”. In order that the machine will have to last so long, just need to upgrade the working fluid every 50 000-60 000 km mileage, and heated box in the winter before the trip, after standing a moment with the engine running and the shift lever in “D”position.

Expert “Behind the wheel” Alexander Vinogradov, having experienced the car on the move, said “a pretty decent effort required to translate the machine selector to another position.” But, in his opinion, it is a small price to pay for comfort, which is achieved, in particular, due to the fact that the new box is well dampens vibration coming from the engine. By the way, Alexander learned that the selector boxes are delivered to the plant from China.

Thanks to the new pillars of the engine and no mechanical connection of the selector with the transmission of the vibration from the power unit is significantly reduced, — says Alexander in his report.

In your video blogger and a fan of the Oise Victor Berchenko noted many positive aspects, however, pointed to some inconvenience. For example, a gear lever “is fairly low, so to switch, you have reach”. This is not a problem unless you use manual mode shifting. The transfer lever in position “D” at the beginning of the trip and switching to “R” when Parking at the end of the trip, followed by formulation of a lever to position “R” tires.

When switching of the transmission in the manual mode to the control arm will have to bend down, tilting your body forward and to the right. For changing to manual mode the lever to shift to the right from position “D”, which he is still a bit further from the driver. Not critical, “but”…

Other works, Polina Zimina from Nizhny Novgorod, noted the convenient location of the pedals to control the car it could brand in any Shoe, including high heels (why, is not very clear). When you try to accelerate on the road, Pauline did not notice any outstanding vehicle dynamics and finished the experiment with the words, “but you need to understand that the car will not be racing the car… the purpose of this transmission is not a quick Garavani with a traffic light, and comfortable ride without switching the “agitator” in traffic”. There’s no arguing: a Patriot with a manual transmission do not have good acceleration dynamics. That’s just hardly the case in the transmission.

Box going pretty smoothly, not moving, — said in his video Fox Taxis.

She was also pleased with the appearance of sixth gear, which “missed”, and “protection against the fool”, which will not allow the machine to overheat offroad.

The feelings of some testers, the dynamics of UAZ Patriot with automatic, is not inferior to the accelerating dynamics versions of the SUV with a manual transmission. Confirm this figure. Channel CarChoice conducted measurements and found that the Patriot with a manual transmission accelerates to 100 km/h in 15.4 seconds and with the auto for 14.8 seconds. Similar numbers turned out and Fox, which Steers. Other experts unhappy dynamics, calling it lethargic. For example, this opinion is shared by leading channel ProDrive. The difference between the present measurements is small, but there is one feature that was much more important than performance.

New transmission, with six gears instead of five have a manual transmission, when driving, for example, the track allows the engine to run at lower rpm ceteris paribus: at the speed of 90 km/h about 2000 rpm, and not 3000 like the version with the mechanics. Thanks to this feature in the car was much quieter. This marks the channel Avto Plus, and Victor Berchenkoand experts “Behind the wheel”, and all the other testers Patriot with a gun. This behavior of the car affected the fuel consumption. When driving on the highway it dropped from 11.5 to 9.5 litres per 100 km: “the car was there for two liters less gasoline,” said Fox Taxis. In addition, this automatic, adaptive and able to adapt style of driving.

The new version of the Patriot with a gun equipped with a slightly modified engine and Indian transfer case that should be reflected in the off-road qualities of the car. Bloggers say that hydrotransformer transmission is perfectly suited for offroad, and then try to take the car into the steep hill, on a track with large pits.

Channel Clickoncar testers stormed the hill on both versions of the SUV, but the UAZ with an automatic transmission was able to get to the top. The leader of the channel “Popular mechanics” during your test drive, on the contrary, could not enter the mountain on the Patriot with a gun, commenting that “not stopped, but still pleased”.

Conclusion: the majority of motorists have the new version of UAZ Patriot with a gun is accepted not just favorably, but even with some enthusiasm, and “but” can not be ignored, they say.

UAZ Patriot with a gun: conclusions after the first tests

  • Sales of UAZ Patriot with automatic transmission will start in September.

Photo: UAZ

UAZ Patriot with a gun: conclusions after the first tests

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