Ukraine is eighth from the end in the world for quality of roads

Withaccording to this rating, the quality of roads in Ukraine is at the level of Mauritania, Madagascar, Haiti, Guinea, where the asphalt pavement does not meet the current conditions of the roads. One of the reasons for the poor state of roads in Ukraine the authors of the report referred to a climate in which there is often a transition from negative to positive temperatures, which leads to the destruction of the coating.

However, in neighboring Poland, Hungary and Slovakia under similar climatic conditions, quality of roads is much better. Besides, in Ukraine compared to Poland, the road network length is 2.5 times shorter, and even with four times fewer traffic more than 4 times.

According to the edition “Mirror of week” the main reason is the imperfection of technological solutions in their construction. The total weight of modern vehicles may exceed 40 tons with axle load up to 11-12 t Under these conditions is adapted only roads of I category, which in Ukraine only 2% (or 2,700 kilometers). In the EU the share of these roads, in particular cement concrete, up to 40%. In the USA, over 60% of roads — cement concrete.

The thesis about the high cost of cement concrete roads is untenable. According to estimates of relevant experts, the cost of 1 sq. m of cement concrete pavement of new construction is 1220 UAH without VAT, maintenance — 880, capital — 970 UAH. Cost of 1 sq m of asphalt pavement new construction is 1270 UAH without VAT, maintenance — 500, overhaul — 1060 UAH.

At the same time, in 20 years the total cost of the repair (assuming the same operating costs) will be in 2-2,5 times greater for asphalt roads compared to concrete. According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, 97% of Ukrainian roads are in poor condition, 30% in need of major repairs.

Most developed countries have switched to concrete road, covered with a thin layer of cold asphalt – they are much more durable and do not require patching.

In the Ukrainian roads will pour 300 billion

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