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Ukrainian manufacturer of tires swerving their production

Shareholders of the company “Rosava” announced the impending liquidation of the company due to large losses.

The only thing in Ukraine the manufacturer of the tire will cease to exist. The decision was taken at the General meeting of shareholders of the company on 20 April, Interfax reported.

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“Rosava” is located in the city of Belaya Tserkov in the Kiev region and specialized in the production of tires. The production site was occupied by two tire plant “Rosava” (standard tyres) and “Vals” (oversized tyres). Power plants designed to produce about 6 million tires per year.

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For 2017, according to the accounting report, the company “Rosava” were indicators of loss of 73.8 per cent more than a year ago and net income of the producer has decreased in 1,7 times up to 875,3 mln. According to the report, in 2017, she made 1 thousand units.

It should be noted that earlier the State fiscal service were accused of “Rosava” no return in the country of foreign currency and required to pay to the state budget of 1.3 billion UAH of fines.

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