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Ukrainians for non-payment of fines will deprive of property

With the new law on traffic enforcement cameras will take effect tough penalties

A new system of fines will come into force together with the introduction of a video surveillance system that will record violations. Drivers waiting for the influx of fines with a size of several thousand UAH, and for failure to pay violators will face seizure of property.

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This was said on his page in Facebook Deputy head of the national police Vyacheslav Abroskin, reports the observer. In the message he explained that he was a witness to the hard and massive violations of the traffic on Khreschatyk street when the cars have not missed the ambulance with the included signals, passing on the forbidden signal of the traffic light.

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“…Traffic violations will be recorded, and then home to the offender will receive a message that you broke the rules and a penalty of 5-10 thousand UAH, and in case of failure to pay – further seizure of property. That’s when everything EN masse and return to a careful observance of the rules. Because it is cheaper to perform than not to perform,” – said the Deputy head of national police.

Many drivers complain about the lack of proper control on country roads. But the police say that video recording will replace cops and will be a more honest observer and controller.

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