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Ukravtodor to attract foreign investors

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the bill, which will allow you to run foreign companies for road construction

The head of Ukravtodor Slawomir Nowak in an interview with RBC-Ukraine informed about that today in Ukraine the reforms, which laid the Foundation for substantial and qualitative changes of the whole road infrastructure in General. And now preparing the second phase of decentralization that will be implemented in 2020.

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For the construction and repair of roads of Ukraine allocated more than 3 billion hryvnia

It is planned to transfer to the regional authorities, territorial road, and they are required to pass the United territorial communities of a rural road and then the control circuit roads will be correct. In the near future will give about 20 thousand kilometers of roads, and the management of Ukravtodor will have about 30 thousand kilometers of roads. For the maintenance of territorial roads will allocate a budget of 35% of the total assets and the percentage will increase. Novak noted that this year the road Fund was only 50% from the payment of excise duty on fuel. Next year that figure will be 75%.

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“The Cabinet has already approved five programmes of repair and construction of roads this year. Core programme has a budget of 6.6 billion hryvnia. It is based on the continuation of repair work across the country on roads that we began to repair in 2017. All repairs are carried out on the routing principle. In addition, there are five separate budget programs with separate funding. The first is the project GO Highway, which is planned to allocate four billion hryvnias and in which we should have almost repaired the road from Lviv to Uman. Hereinafter, an overhaul of the highway to Odessa, and subsequently repaired, and the reconstruction of the road to the first category (expansion of roads with one lane each way to two-four – ed.) of the route Odessa – Nikolaev – Kherson.”, – said Novak.

In respect GO Highwaу planned completion of a feasibility study for this corridor, which carries an Italian company, this will start the designing, and within two years will complete preparatory work to 2020, we have launched tenders for the construction of roads, the availability of investment.

“The EU proposed to grant us this year a small grant in the amount of about 20 million euros for the construction of a detour of Ternopil. The project has already been agreed. That is the first step in the framework of the project GO Highway is already done. But we need much more funding for this road and in the European Commission is well aware,” the official said.

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For building plan to attract major European, Turkish and Azerbaijani companies. And they are ready to enter the Ukrainian market, watching the situation in the country. In addition, the Ukrainian market has come a Chinese company “Ukravtodor” willing to give them a chance to prove himself. Have already appeared the first Polish and German firms. For the repair of roads in the Transcarpathian region, the official hopes will take the Hungarian company.

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