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Under the gun: rent a car in Lombard, take a loan for X IPhone

Assault on the man was committed in the East of the capital, reported the press service of the Moscow Department of internal Affairs.

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In Moscow on the street of Suzdal in the car under the guise of customers down and two unknown. After a minute it became clear that this is not buyers. The robbers at gunpoint, forced the owner to withdraw from the Bank account 31 a thousand rubles, to make a loan to buy tenth of the iPhone, and then pawn his Audi A6, then fled with the money. In total, 29-the summer inhabitant of Moscow Reutova was stolen 1 million 429 thousand rubles.

After the incident, the victim went to the police, was prosecuted for robbery and being wanted criminals.

If you think that not everything in this story seems plausible, then you are not alone. Perhaps the owner is disingenuous and still knew the attackers, and maybe even owed them. As it really is, now we have to understand the police.

  • In Omsk, the young man decided to ride on someone else’s car, but it turned out so badly. now he will have to pay half a million damage.
  • Two residents of Nizhny Novgorod has developed a new fraud scheme — they had been looking in the yards of cars that a long time nobody went, and handed over them in scrap metal. Rich they become failed, but the next few years will have to spend in prison for theft.


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