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Universal for 600 thousand: 4 best bargains

New estate car in Russia is not enough. Selection of used wider, but also does not razmahneshsya. Expert “Behind the wheel” looked interesting (including the budget) options in different classes.Stanislav Panin Expert

CHEVROLET CRUZE SW (first generation, facelift)

Over 600 thousand sell Cruz’s latest release. It is only slightly cheaper than the most expensive offerings on the market, so you can keep the car in good condition, with mileage less than 100,000 km.

Chevrolet Cruze Cruze SW SWChevrolet

The model years: 2013-2015Engines: petrol, P4, 1.6 l (124 HP); 1.8 l (141 HP)transmissions: M5, A6Drive: front

BODY type: corrosion protection — at a decent level, bare metal do not corrode for a long time. And the paint finish quality is mediocre: the layer is thin, the splits appear quickly.

MOTORS: for atmospheric petrol engines 1.6 and 1.8 Ecotec family are characterized by a large resource and the absence of serious mechanical problems. But the attachment is very capricious and often in need of repair costs.

TRANSMISSION: manual transmission reliable, worry only about the frequent leaks seals actuators. Machine series GM 6T30/6T40 a difficult reputation because of the serious flaws on the mechanical part, the solution of which require expensive repairs.

Chevrolet Cruze SW

CHASSIS: electric rail with integrated components of the amplifier is not satisfactory. Consumables in the front suspension only rear silent blocks levers. Rear mounted simple elastic beam — nothing to break.

INTERIOR: the interior trim is a good wear resistance and high-quality production (by the standards of the class). True, the steering is overwritten very quickly.

WANT to SELL: Cruze sold well on the secondary market. Faster just leave the car in the rich trim. Transmission type and the engine model have virtually no effect on liquidity.

SUMMARY: the Cruze is a worthy representative of his class. It is built on the successful parts and components (except the problem machine), which do not have serious shortcomings, in addition to stressful and unpleasant childhood illnesses. Its content is not too onerous, although the abundance of small faults can be tiring.

FORD FOCUS WAGON (third generation, facelift)

The agreed budget is below the average value of these machines. However, for 600 thousand fresh options with low mileage. There are plenty to choose from.

Ford Focus Focus Wagon WagonFord

Years of issue: 2015-2017Engine: petrol, P4, 1.6 liters (105 and 125 HP)Box transmission: M5, P6Drive: front

BODY: Focus, and other Ford models, has a strong paint and good corrosion protection.

MOTORS: engines 1.6 Ti-VCT — representatives of the old guard, reliable, time-tested. Of the shortcomings — only a couple of minor faults.

Ford Focus Wagon

TRANSMISSION: manual gear box is reliable, but suffers from the common leaky seals actuators and noisy work. The “dry” robot PowerShift has a lot of weaknesses that are typical for boxes of this type – his reputation is worse than a similar DSG.

Ford Focus Wagon

CHASSIS: hydraulic rake (the version with the motor 1.6 and robot) does not cause trouble. And its electric version with built-in elements of the amplifier begins to beat even at the short runs (the irresistible design feature). The front suspension easily only rear silent blocks levers and pivot bearings, and rear to 100 000 km capitulate all the silent blocks.

INTERIOR: panels of leather combined salon wear out quickly, they are not behind the plastic wheel. However, the overall quality finishes above average classmates.

WANT to SELL: brand Ford love in the secondary. Even mediocre on the background of its predecessor Focus 3 quickly finds a buyer. Its liquidity depends primarily on the trim level: the higher it is, the easier it is to sell.

SUMMARY: Focus 3 — deep modernization of the successful machines of the previous generation. He took over its main advantages and disadvantages. Quite a rosy picture is spoiled by a noisy electric rake (with this can still be tolerated) and very unreliable “dry” robot. If you buy a used car, it is only with the mechanics.

KIA CEE’d SW (the second generation directiong)

The average market value of Korean wagon is just 600 000. For the money you can look for a car in good condition with mileage of about 100,000 km offers a lot.

Kia CEE’d CEE’d SW SWKia

Years of production: 2013-2014Engine: petrol, P4, 1.6 l (129 HP)Box transmissions: M6, A6Drive: front

BODY: paint — mediocre quality, bad resists chipping. Corrosion protection leaves much to be desired.

MOTORS: motor 1.6 G4FC Gamma family is familiar on many Kia and Hyundai models (for example, Solaris and Rio). The unit is quite reliable and has no serious drawbacks. Problems usually only emerge after a run of 200 000 km. ahead of time the motor can kill the ceramic dust that enters the cylinders from the catalyst.

Kia CEE’d SW

Kia CEE’d SW

TRANSMISSION: the automatic Hyundai A6LF series no special claims as to the mechanical box. Both units have a good reputation.

CHASSIS: the only weak link in the suspension — front stabilizer. The remaining resource elements depends on the operating conditions. Steering electric power steering built into the steering column, it works reliably.

SALON: the quality of the trim, and the durability of the panels – at the average level among classmates. No obvious defects, but a substantial run is clearly reflected in the condition of the interior.

Kia CEE’d SW

Kia CEE’d SW

WANT to SELL: Korean wagon is very popular on the secondary market and significantly ahead of their classmates. Most attractive car in the expensive models.

SUMMARY: the CEE’d is built mainly on good sites and units. This wagon is one of the most pragmatic options: reliable, unpretentious and prostacyclin. However, when choosing a car, it is extremely important to carefully check the condition of the cylinders and catalytic Converter, not to deal with expensive repairs.

OPEL ASTRA SPORTS TOURER (fourth generation-facelift)

Formally 600 000 rubles — the average market price for these machines, but actually this budget is close to its ceiling. For the money it is possible to count only on instances with significant mileage.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer Astra Sports TourerOpel

Years of production: 2012-2014Engine: petrol, P4, 1.4 l (140 HP); 1.6 l (115 HP)Box transmission: M5, M6, A6Drive: front

BODY type: corrosion protection — at a high level, but the layer of paint thin.

MOTORS: aspirated 1.6 works on many GM models. It is reliable and has a decent resource. Reputation only whimsical attachments. Forced motor 1.4 has a standard set of weaknesses turbines, but still looks good among classmates.

TRANSMISSION: 5-speed manual gearbox F17 series of problems. Its 6-speed M32 sister is also imperfect, but much more reliable. Machine family GM 6T30/6T40 is one of the most dangerous and unpredictable choices among classmates.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer

Chassis: the suspension has no obvious weaknesses. Steering with electro-hydraulic amplifier (for atmospheric engines) capricious. On the run up to 100,000 km can lead to failure of the pump or flow rack. The electric version is more successful and does not cause trouble.

SALON: comfortable and sophisticated (by the standards of the class), but does not have high quality finishes. The covering of the front seats and side bolsters wear out quickly especially.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer

WANT to SELL: Astra liquid in all trim levels due to a certain shortage of generalists in our market, but markedly inferior to a competitor Kia CEE’d SW.

SUMMARY: Astra-universal — interesting and underrated option, but at the same time and mixed. The set of consumer qualities of the car will give odds to many direct rivals, but reliability raises questions. Too much of dangerous and whimsical components and assemblies, therefore, it is necessary to choose very carefully.

Universal for 600 thousand: 4 best bargains

  • Full version of the review published in the magazine “Behind the wheel” No. 8/2019. In the second part of the publication on the website will look at four more interesting models: Opel Insignia Sports Tourer, Skoda Octavia Combi, Subaru Outback, Volvo XC70. Stay tuned!
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