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Universal Lаrgus completely switched on our engines

This month all the cars will get a 1.6-liter 102-strong motor VAZ Renault, 106 HP Price specifications will not change.

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So universal is completely transferred to the domestic engines: 1.6 liter capacity of 87 HP and 1.6 liter capacity 106 HP, which will replace the 102-strong French, although the French only in the design, production has been organized at AVTOVAZ.

The same wazowski motor (1.6, 106 HP), mounted on model families XRAY and Vesta. He’s at 4 HP more powerful than the previous engine, and, according to the manufacturer, less noisy, provides better acceleration and more economical, as it can be operated on the fuel of AI-92. Specifically for this motor, upgraded automatic transmission Renault. She changed gear ratios in third, fourth and fifth speeds.

Despite the new engine, the price will not change — passenger Largus will continue to cost from 620 400 rubles, wagon — from 594 to 800 rubles, a crossover version of the wagon — from 674 900 rubles.

  • At the exhibition of commercial transport Comtrans-2017 first showed Largus van with a high roof, which is especially convenient for commercial traffic. He was released “daughter” of AVTOVAZ, the company “vis-Auto”.
  • That and a second motor for Largus will be domestic, “Behind the wheel” I wrote in late August. Information about this was discovered in the base of Rosstandart, there were listed the gear ratios for the transmission.
  • In 2016 year the Russian 8-valve engine VAZ-11189 capacity of 87 HP also replaced the French motor К7М (84 HP). Prices are left unchanged.


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