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Unknown Oise: these “loaves” you haven’t seen!

The famous Ulyanovsk “loaf” is now 60 years old! Note the anniversary, remembering the most unusual and little known version in the entire history of her long and happy life.

Life expectancy is a family of world leaders. The total production of vans, minibuses, nurses and flatbed trucks (they were once called tadpoles) has long exceeded one million. Know them throughout the former Soviet Union and, by the way — not only. Of course, cars with the years has changed, improved engines and transmissions, other components and assemblies. But cars today are recognizable, they are still valued for the permeability (although, in former years was released and the version monoprivodnom — UAZ-451), the ability to maintain the engine without leaving warm salon on a large area of our country is important, and, of course, for a low price.

Unknown Oise: these “loaves” you haven’t seen!Unknown Oise: these “loaves” you haven’t seen!

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