Unmanned vehicle may behave unpredictably due to the distorted road signs

American scientists from the University of Washington found that cars with systems of Autonomous control can be easily confused with the distorted road signs.

According to the study, can cause inadequate reaction of unmanned vehicles by several colored stickers printed on a road sign.
During the experiment it became clear that “distorted stickers road signs in almost all cases, provoked an unexpected reaction of the system of Autonomous control”. This is due to the fact that “seen through the camera largely determines the behavior of the autopilot”.

In particular, in the experiment on a normal road Stop sign was pasted a few small rectangular stickers, which, in turn, does not overlap the main image of a road sign. However, in almost all cases, the autopilot of the machines take this pointer as a limit to the speed limit.
A similar reaction of the autopilot was caused by a road sign Stop, on which were inscribed at the top and bottom of the symbol. It was also performed an experiment with a road sign “Movement only to the right.” On the arrow was done grey stickers. Curious, but in this case, the autopilot took this pointer as a Stop.
Scientists from the University of Washington published a fairly extensive report, which States that currently, the unmanned vehicles can be very dangerous and unpredictable due to minor things and also how easy it is to influence the behavior of the vehicle with basic things.
But researchers note that during the experiment, tested the autopilot is not any manufacturer specific, and the typical algorithm for such systems.

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