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Updated Geely Emgrand 7: what’s changed in the “Chinese” Belarusian Assembly

“Behind the wheel” got acquainted with the updated sedan Geely Emgrand 7, which now comes to us from Belarus, from the company “Belgee”, and figured out how to move to the West has influenced the character of Chinese cars.Homann Maxim “Behind the wheel”

Geely Emgrand 7

Length / width / height / base 4631 / 1789 / 1470 / 2650 mmLuggage capacity 680 lweight / total weight 1340 / 1640 kgEngine diesel, R4, 16 valves, 1808 cm3; 98 kW / 133 HP at 5900 rpm and 170 N·m at 4400 rpmMax speed 170 km/hFuel / fuel 95 octane / 55 litresfuel Consumption: urban / suburban / mixed cycle 10,9 / 6,7 / 8,3 l / 100 kmDriveline front-wheel drive; CVT

Updated Geely Emgrand 7 — is a different grille (with “concentric circles”), slightly redesigned front bumper Yes, tweaked tail lights. All! A car is the tenth year went. She appeared in 2009 under the name of the Emgrand EC7 and gradually became the most popular Chinese car. From 2012 to 2016 was sold for almost 34 thousand cars. After restyling in 2016 sedan began to dignify Emgrand 7. In 2017 sales fell to 556 units. Recently, the Chinese changed their Assembly area: the cars produced at the plant Derways, in Belarus — on a new venture “Belgee”.

The build quality is good. A new front fascia of the saloon is no longer creaks when going over bumps.

The devices has changed: on the color screen in the center displays the outside temperature and the pressure in the tires (for some reason in kilopascals). The average fuel consumption computer shows, limited only useless instant.

Nice to keep a new steering wheel trimmed with perforated leather and slightly sloped along the chord. But bluish the buttons and keys still alive, although the air-con. digitization of white.

When is I was not able to get comfortable behind the wheel. The ceiling presses, and you have to recline the back. Gasket seats are overly hard and the side support is highly conditional. Good lumbar support, which the back does not get tired is a poor consolation.

The steering column is not adjustable for height and adjustment range for height is extremely small. So on the ergonomics still work and work.

Back a lot of space above the head, in the legs. There is a wide armrest with two Cup holders. Got it on the car, and he unlocked only from the salon or with the key, button on lid, no inner handle to close. The hands are dirty.

Press the start button to Wake the 1.8‑liter aspirated 133 HP In China the same pose on the crossover Emgrand X7. (Associate the engine capacity of 1.5 l will come back to us next year.) In company with him the CVT works, and this couple is very slow. Stomp on the gas, and if the pedal goes to the void, and then goes very viscous acceleration. To move quickly in the stream or to overtake is difficult. And since the wide windscreen pillars can easily hide a truck, stay in the bustling city traffic is not easy. Sportregion variator partly save the situation: reactions of gas become more agile, so it is better not to turn off.

Very light, and blurred near-zero area of the wheel — like greetings from the past. Even “nashemarki” this is not sin and managed sharper. Suspension rattles on the tram tracks and speed bumps.

The only thing there are no special claims, it’s the brakes: slow down, clear and predictable.

Price range — from 879 990 (mechanics and equipment Comfort) to 969 990 rubles (CVT and Luxury). Dimensions of “Chinese” is such that he is aiming at the Golf class. But for the price and consumer qualities in competitors asking the popular sedans such as the Kia Rio, Hyundai Solaris, Lada Vesta and Renault Logan. The emgrand they are not too tough even after the updates. So, it still will have to compete with “their”, for example lifanovsky Solano II.

Landing in the back seat, working brakes The sluggish dynamics, wide pillars, crashing suspension

  • Will help you to choose avtoboks on the roof of a Geely Emgrand 7, and stops for smooth opening of the hood.

Photo: Cages George

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