VAZ Largus van with air conditioning is now available for 264 900 UAH.

Group of companies AIS proposes to use the opportunity when you purchase VAZ Largus van to the air conditioner as a gift*.VAZ Largus van is one of the most affordable and practical commercial vehicle on the market that perfectly combines comfort, practicality and high payload. The B0 platform, was developed by Renault Nissan, which built Largus, well proven all over the world. The basic design originally created for Eastern Europe, was adapted for the markets of the CIS countries: enhanced suspension and brakes, increased thickness of floatstone and area of its application on the bottom, on the wheel arches appeared lining to protect from chipping. All exterior body panels are made of double-sided galvanized steel.

VAZ Largus original calibration of engine control that make the car fully adapted to gasoline of varying quality. The volume of the cargo compartment VAZ Largus van is 2.5 cubic meters of the car’s safety Systems include driver airbag, inertia seat belts, immobilizer, ABS and EBD.

Practicality and comfort operation of the vehicle provide: power steering, heated seats driver and passenger, power doors, Central locking with remote control, protective floor carpet cargo compartment lighting the Luggage compartment.

Promotional price for the car is only 264 900 UAH.**

Special offer is valid in the trading network of the Group of companies AIS throughout Ukraine in the period from July 11, 2017 July 31, 2017

Details about VAZ and the terms of the acquisition it is possible to learn by phone of the hot line AIS 0 800-500205 or on the website

* Reduced the retail cost by the cost of conditioning
** the price per unit for VAZ FS035-А0L-51(H) as of July 11, 2017, Rates are subject to change depending on changes in exchange rates currency purchase to the local currency, as well as in the event of a change of commercial policy of the manufacturer. For the purpose of updating prices, you must contact the seller.

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