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VIDEO: 7 ways to destroy a gas station

You don’t like gas stations, where drivers are not allowed to refuel the car yourself? I also didn’t like — until I made this compilation video.

Of course, we all know how to fill the car. But even experienced drivers sometimes forget which side the gas tank flap, or can’t get the old heater to pump fuel. A “dummies” arrange at the pump the whole presentation. We show a few such scenes.

Girls and women please do not be offended that in most videos starring ladies. So it turns out. To warm up an old imported videos from a surveillance camera about how the girl tries to fill “three rubles” BMW. As you can see, the hour is late, men to help, was not around. Had to fight with the column alone. Like the performance, but alas, this is a sketch from life.

And in this video without any injury, apparently, not done.

The most common “jokes” at the gas station when the driver (nice), forgets to remove the gas nozzle from the tank and leaves. And such videos online hundreds. Well, when you just tear the hose and the gun flies off to the side. In principle it is possible to twist the column. And then for damage to the equipment will have to pay a lot more. In extremely rare cases without incidents, as in this video. The guy is incredibly lucky.

If one woman cannot cope with the column, and the refueling at the gas station no, come to the aid of a friend. It will be much more fun.

The woman in the Honda was trying to refuel. Maneuvering but the car has a fuel filler flap — does not remember or does not know.

Some time ago the Network spread a video from Surgut is about how the woman had set fire to his Ford and decided to illuminate the neck of the gas tank lighter.

But we should not blame women that they’re incompatible with technology. Here, for example, the same scene in the men’s performance.

Be careful. And observe safety precautions!

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Video: youtube

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