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Video that will make you lose speed on the highway

The owner of a BMW M3 on your example demonstrates why you don’t do speed slalom on the autobahn.

Despite the fact that this accident happened long ago, footage shudder, forcing drivers to think twice before scorch at high speed.

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Scary to think what could happen with this guy in a BMW M3, if the car rolled over or caught the next car. Loss of control at that speed inevitably a tragedy not only for the Scorcher, but also for other road users.

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BMW E46 3-Series is not distinguished in his time indicative ratings in crash tests for frontal impact. In this video the driver did not even used the seat belt, which makes his behavior stupid and irresponsible. He was very lucky that the car when loss of control and bounced off the wall like a tennis ball back in the second lane and did not stop the movement of another vehicle. In addition, the Scorcher turned off and stabilization system DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) that can be seen by the icon on the dashboard.

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