Volkswagen has again passed a Toyota

ToAK Agency reported Reuters, the total sales volume of the brands included in the composition of the German company, made up of 10.7 million cars against of 10.35 million at Toyota.

The record turned out, and sales of 220 billion euros (in 2016 217 billion ). Best last year sold Audi and Porsche, also played a significant role in the increased demand for Volkswagen models in China.

Volkswagen itself in 2017 and also crossed the mark of six million produced cars is a new production record brands. In the line of the German brand consists of over 60 models, the most popular of which are the Jetta, Golf, Passat, Polo and presented in China, the Santana model.

Recall that by the end of 2016, Volkswagen AG is also ahead in sales of Toyota – 10,31 vs 10,17 million cars sold.

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