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Volkswagen Polo for 400 000 RUB: choosing the best option

With 400 000 rubles, you can pay attention to the previous Polo Sedan. Searching for a decent option, it will take time: a lot of offers, but the average mileage of vehicles too big — about 100 000 km.Stanislav Panin Expert

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Years of production: 2012-2014Engine: petrol, P4, 1.6 l (105 HP)transmissions: M5, A6Drive: front

BODY type: quality paint coating and anticorrosion treatment — above average in the segment. Obvious weaknesses the body is not.

MOTORS: the engine is the 1.6 series CFNA with decent mileage has a nasty feature: while it’s cold, the pistons knock when relaying. Reason — engineering calculations. The problem was not massive, but remember when choosing need. From April 2013, the manufacturer started to install the upgraded pistons.

TRANSMISSION: 6-speed automatic Aisin TF series‑61 won a good reputation and outright bugs had not. Manual transmission has its drawbacks, but generally does not cause much trouble.

CHASSIS: all suspension components have a good resource, usually the first repair is required only after 100 000 km power steering Components (electric amplifier built-in column) do not cause serious complaints.

SALON: compared to most competitors salon Polo looks a winner, although the quality of finish can not be called high. The materials used in the interior, to endure the hardships of exploitation.

WANT to SELL: Polo Sedan highly liquid. Fastest sold car with a gun and good configuration. But a car without air conditioning will have to wait for a buyer for very long.

SUMMARY: Polo Sedan — one of the leaders of the class on the main consumer qualities. In General, the machine requires only routine maintenance. The only serious problem — potentially hazardous piston old model. When selecting better to consider the instances of a fresher or meticulously listening to the motor and check the condition of the cylinders with an endoscope.

  • The most interesting cars that can be purchased for 400 000 rubles, collected here.
  • In the compact sedan hard to accommodate large cargo. If there is a need to transport skis or snowboards, use the special mounting on the roof of the car (from 380 rubles). Winter equipment can be placed in the auto box.

Photo: Volkswagen

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