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Volkswagen Polo mileage: 4 plus 3 5 defect and sores

The new Polo — car is popular and respected. And what to expect when you purchase a model with a fair mileage, found out expert “Behind the wheel”.Sergei Zinoviev “Behind the wheel”

Developed specially for Russia at the European Polo of the fifth generation. Build — in Kaluga in full cycle. The 2015 restyling touched not only the appearance: the steel seat, upgraded motor 1.6, added a 1.4 engine and powertrain options.


  • Reliable and unpretentious car with tough suspension and good ergonomics.
  • In the line of engines and boxes is a simple and tenacious.
  • Good corrosion protection.
  • A large trunk.

Good folksvagenovskih traditions — the driver is close to the benchmark in ergonomics. After restyling, the seat became more comfortable.Good folksvagenovskih traditions — the driver is close to the benchmark in ergonomics. After restyling, the seat became more comfortable.


  • The factory does not recommend gasoline AI‑92.
  • Weak heater and head light.
  • Poor sound insulation, not impressive ground clearance.


Both atmosfernika 1.6 good. Original (family EA111, the capacity of 85 or 105 HP depending on firmware) in the course of progress had replaced the representative of the family ЕА211 (90 or 110 HP).

Old motors are a little more Moody, but overall was awarded good reviews (lack of dynamics is not their fault). They tend to knock during cold start, and the flashing or installation of modified pistons often does not help. The timing chain lives up to 200 000 km., Even knocking motors nursed at 300 000 km without any trouble.

Upgraded 1.6 is equipped with a timing belt. Many instances suffer from makarora, but other apparent weaknesses have not been identified.

Forced engine 1.4 TSI in the modern incarnation is not so problematic, as the first engines of this family. But some drawbacks have kept it on high terminalwindow and intolerance to poor quality fuel.


When mileage 70 000 km DQ200 seven-speed robot — controversial choice. The unit is upgraded, but the family traits are the same: rapid wear of the clutch and bearings forks gear shift, a sudden failure mechatronics. And very expensive to repair.

A six-speed automatic Aisin TF‑60 (09G) sometimes called unkillable. This, of course, wrong. Insufficient level of oil quickly his sentence (overheats), so that the working fluid should be monitored periodically and replaced every 60,000 km. automatic, a manual switching mode.

Have mechanical patituchi 02Т major sores on the outside. After 150,000 km wear out the ropes, the yoke becomes loose and broken intermediate plastic lever on the switch box. A six-speed mechanics too reliable, but were only sold in a Duo with the motor 1.4, and there are machines on the market is very small.


  • Rack front stabilizer live 30 000 km; the creaking stabilizer bushings — a feature of the “pre-reform” Polo.
  • Light bulb sizes — consumables.
  • Quickly wear out a lock cylinder driver’s door (and the trunk lock on previous machines).
  • Often denied power Windows, heated seats, rear wipers, gauge pressure of the refrigerant in the air conditioner.
  • Many Polo in a basic version with derated engines (85 and 90 HP) were in the taxi. When choosing compare the declared mileage with the General deterioration of the elements. Will not interfere with diagnostics.

Euro NCAP: Crash tests Euro NCAP was carried out. Test according to the method of ASEAN NCAP (2013): four-star occupant safety — 14.51 points out of 16 possible

The most popular offer on the secondary: Polo Sedan 1.6 automatic gearbox.

OPTIMAL CHOICE: Polo Sedan 1.6 gearbox or automatic gearbox

FOR the SAME price: the Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio, Renault Logan/Sandero, Skoda Rapid, Lada Vesta

  • Sedans are not repetitive, and if you’re going on a long journey, you should think about buying avtoboks on the roof. For residents of Moscow and Moscow region offers unsecured rental avtoboks.

Photo: Volkswagen

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