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Volvo is testing drones to Swedish families

The company decided that data received from engineers, not enough, so to test the technology of Autonomous driving passed several cars to private customers.

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At the beginning of 2017 Volvo in the experiment, Drive Me already distributed crossovers XC90 with Autonomous driving private clients who are testing the cars on specially selected roads in Gothenburg. Now the company has decided to expand the investigation and found several couples with children for more information.

This year the car passed two families, two will receive cars in 2018, and just Drive Me will employ about 100 drivers. They will share impressions about new technologies, and Volvo engineers to track their daily travel by car to work, children to school or to the grocery store.

The family has at its disposal a Volvo XC90 equipped with a current and future driver assistance technologies. The machines installed a set of cameras and sensors that control the behavior of the person driving and watching what is happening outside the car.

In the first phase, drivers will always keep your hands on the steering wheel and keep their eyes on the road while riding. In the future, Volvo plans to offer the possibility to use and more advanced technology, but, of course, after completion of the training.

Volvo stressed that all stages of the experiment will be held under the permanent control of the company. No technology will go beyond the test sites, while engineers are not convinced of its safety. The first production drone Volvo intends to submit in 2021.

Volvo is testing drones to Swedish families

  • In Russia the development of Autonomous driving has been the company Yandex. However, while it is only testing the first prototypes.
  • Summer Volvo has announced total electrification — from 2019 all its models will be equipped with electric motors.
  • The coolest Swedish electric cars will be produced by the company, Polestar, and Volvo owned by Geely.

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Volvo is testing drones to Swedish families

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