Volvo launches on roads in Sweden roomy buses

The Swedish manufacturer began testing electric buses high capacity that can be recharged at stops.

In the city of Geterborge in June will start the first two test buses with a length of 18.7 meters, can accommodate 135 passengers, including 38 seated. The launch is part of the project ElectriCity, according to which in 2014 it was planned to build a special road surface with the possibility of inductive charging of electric buses on the move.

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The Volvo buses have a four door opening with sliding doors that open wide so you can easily navigate the flow of people. The buses will be available Wi-Fi and displays traffic information on the route and charging for phones. Monitors will be at bus stops, to ensure that people were guided in a road situation.

Stops will also be equipped with high-speed charging stations OppCharge to replenish the battery capacity of the bus. And the charger will switch to electric buses and other manufacturers.

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Volvo has equipped the buses with batteries of this capacity so that the bus could safely navigate even during rush hours without having charging, charging or from stops or in the DEPOT by night.

Recall that recently in Helsinki launched unmanned buses.

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