Volvo refuses to diesels

Aboutthis declared the head of the Volvo Cars håkan Samuelsson in an interview with the German press: “Our position today is that we won’t have to develop diesel engines of new generation”. This top Manager said that already in operation in 2013, the diesel engines will be improved, taking into account the existing emission standards.

But the standards from 2021 once again significantly stricter carbon dioxide emission will be reduced from the current 130 to 95 g/km. According to Samuelsson, in these circumstances, further improvement of diesel engines is becoming too expensive, leading to price increase of all cars on heavy fuel up to the level of rechargeable hybrids.

Aggregates of the hybrid T8 Twin Engine new generation of the crossover XC60

Therefore, the next step Volvo becomes a complete rejection diesel versions of their models towards 2023, the company will focus on petrol engines, hybrids and electric propulsion.

And the first model, which will not have any diesel in the engine range will be the S60 sedan new generation. Its premiere should take place this month. The production model will begin this fall on new Volvo Cars factory near Charleston (South Carolina). Initially, the S60 will be offered with several petrol “four” series Drive-E and two different impact hybrid installations.

Volvo S60

With regard to the first all-electric car Volvo, as announced, it will go on sale in 2019, the company expects that by 2025, cumulative sales of hybrid and electric cars of the Swedish brand reached a million copies.

The CMA platform specially developed for electric cars Volvo

Note that Volkswagen despite the “deselect” from the cars on heavy fuel is not refused, although shifted in favor of “green” modifications. But Porsche is now in the line no diesels, although the Germans promised to add such a unit to range the new Cayenne. In addition, the European market diesel models decided to give Toyota and Nissan, and the Alliance FCA announced a complete rejection of diesel by 2022.

In Germany banned diesel Porsche Cayenne

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