VW I. D. Vizzion. Large sedan without a steering wheel and pedals

Gabality I. D. Vizzion be 5163х1947х1506 mm while wheelbase is 3.1 meters. The basis of this luxurious business sedan went modular architecture MEB, special designed for electric vehicles of the new generation of the family I. D.

The movement of the concept is driven by two electric motors: 102-strong on the front axle and 204-horsepower – at the rear. The total capacity of the power plant is 306 “horses”, and the capacity of the battery pack 111 kWh ideally enough for 665 kilometers of Autonomous run without recharging. To the first hundred electric car accelerates in only 6.3 seconds with a top speed of 180 kilometers per hour.

The main highlight of the equipment prototype was the autopilot of the fifth level – the car has no external controls, including steering wheel and pedals, and on the way, he is guided through a set of lasers, ultrasonic sensors, radar and cameras.

The cabin is fitted with four separate anatomical seats, the infotainment complex with the ability to manage the voice commands and gestures, and the system recognized images of the faces of the driver and passengers, to automatically set individual settings for seats, climate system and audio system. Passengers can also use augmented reality glasses HoloLens from Microsoft that allow you to project the virtual image in the salon.

It is expected that the production version of the concept car Volkswagen I. D. Vizzion will appear after 2022 and will be replacing the shot with the production of the flagship sedan Phaeton. By 2025, the Germans are planning to launch a series of more than 20 vehicles with electric propulsion systems.

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