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Want to increase ground clearance — 4 in General, legal way

The reader “Behind the wheel” I asked, is it possible to increase the ground clearance of the car. Our experts are always ready to give advice.Alexey Revin “driving”Expert


Tell me, how to increase ground clearance? To the car to do up and not make trouble. Tire size, other spring shim under pillow block bearings? Or all together, little by little?

Alexander Ivanov

Expert’s answer

Aleksei Revin, editor of “Behind the wheel”:

To begin with, that all finishing work with car makers spend so clearance, which they took in the design. So any increase in ride height will change the stability and controllability. Such interference is called changes in the structure of the vehicle. To make change possible, but only after completing all requirements “of the Rules of amending the design in operation of wheeled vehicles and the follow-up to verify compliance with the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of wheeled vehicles”. The procedure is long, complicated and not free.

So we will not “bully” the car to the clearance of the crossover, and the crossover to the level of professional SUV. But to win 20 to 35 mm is possible.

Of course, the easiest way to choose tyres with large outer diameter. Given that all cars allow you to put the chain with the link not less than 12 mm, it is possible to increase the outer diameter, in comparison with the standard 25 mm. Here you can get the aid of the “Tire calculator”. It is best to choose tyres with a higher percentage of height to width. So, the bus increased the width of 25 mm and a diameter on the same 25 mm, should not touch for any modern car.

Method with increasing size tires all good, except that it is immediately visible to any oversight body. So be discreet, don’t hold the Solaris tires from a tractor “Belarus”.

Another installation of the springs is increased stiffness or length. Yes, the spring under the vehicle to look like a native. But the behavior is modified in such a way that the vehicle is unlikely to please. Characteristics of the suspension can become unacceptably dangerous. Rassoglasovaniya will be the characteristics of springs and dampers. The car will become stiff and unstable on bumpy roads.

Much better to install the spacers between the upper support struts to the body. You can also find the increased height of the upper strut mount. Another option is to insert a rubber gasket of increased thickness under the spring. All of these methods allow you to shift the wheel axle relative to the body on the thickness of the spacers. But the displacement of more than 15-20 mm is dangerous from the point of view of reduction of a resource of the external hinge of equal angular speeds (shrus) up to his samorazvitie. In addition, the drive shaft may be dangerously closer to the subframe during operation of the suspension.

Well, back clearance monoprivodnom machine with semi-dependent suspension the easiest way to increase thick rubber pads under the springs to a height of no more than 20 to 30 mm.

If you use the recommendations on selection of tires and install spacers, you can increase ground clearance by 20-35 mm. More do not recommend — the behavior of the machine will be too different from the estimated. The car will be shaky and prone to drift. And I want to remind you that you are doing all this on your own risk.

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