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We have a car hoarding all year. Believe the statistics?

“Behind the wheel” to find out what car today can afford the average Russian about what he wants.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

“Today, telephone is no longer a means of communication, and the rate of income”. Humor from the Network

Cars in the sale is complete, but whether the choice for a poor person? Or we have actually returned to the Soviet Union?

To buy a car, need money. What is the level of monthly income of the Russians?

I don’t know. And no, I don’t know: all sources have different numbers. Rosstat, for example, says that the average monthly salary is 120 41 ₽; in terms of per capita it is 24 496 ₽. Minus income, of course. With 40 “pieces” a month, according to other polls, is the dream of many. And then there are the data for the regions is there to get confused even easier. The richest Russians live on Chukotka, where the average salary is above the steward. The poorest — in Karachay-Cherkessia.

However, there are other calculations that take into account the ratio between income and the cost of a standard basket of goods and services. From this point of view, the worst live in Tyva and Altai, and best of all — in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug! There on one salary specified set you can buy three times…

Now — about the purchase of the machine. In this case there is another analytical classifications. These analysts have presented a situation in which in an average family, where both husband and wife, one salary completely lay on a certain average, say, car. They did that in average in the country at a salary of 37 000 ₽ and value of the car in 374 000 ₽ will have to save for about a year. And faster than others can handle it in St. Petersburg, and the slowest — in Krasnoyarsk.

What kind of car you can buy for the money? From new, in General, no. Even Daewoo (Ravon) Matiz is approximately 410 000 ₽. Lada Granta is 435 000 ₽, Lada 4×4 —about 520 000 ₽. Solaris and Logan — even more expensive. And Skoda and other more pedigreed individuals exceeded one million. It is not surprising that a kind person on the forum immediately said: supposedly we have the money you can only buy trash. Wherefore, save for “not trash” while these revenues have not for a year, but at least two. Or even three.

Present and past age: and as it was in the USSR?

The hint that the situation on the market began to resemble the Soviet, I perceive as frivolous. Nothing in common — and here’s why.

It is possible to compare? It’s not even the number of cars and variety of models.It is possible to compare? It’s not even the number of cars and variety of models.

First, such an abundance of proposed makes and models of cars did not exist and could not be. Zaporozhets, Moskvich, Lada — that is, in General, and every thing went country (Volga on the Ministerial lists — does not count). About cars in General it was not: they were seen except in front of embassies but in the movie. And today to count offer us variants had neither fingers nor other bodies… And all these machines — in the free market, without long queues and records to the Executive committees. What’s the similarity?

Second, let us compare the prices as possible. My approximate calculation always guided by a loaf of bread: roughly speaking, it was 20 cents became 20 roubles — there is a hundredfold difference. Take the current reasonably priced car for 500 thousand and divide the price a hundred — it all adds up: then get a rough cost of a Muscovite or a Zhiguli. But with salaries, it turns out that they have since increased greatly in those days not everyone even received a 200 ₽ per month. And a salary of 400 a long way, and more true to be huge. That engineer, doctor or teacher was able to save up for VAZ-2101, it was not by definition. They did not go on personal machines. And today — go.

Thirdly, buying a car in those days was for most fraught with such difficulties — from financial to organizational, that mere mortals such purchase was really the most significant event. Car was purchased almost a lifetime, by becoming a member of the family. Today, the car is just a consumable, gadget akin to a smartphone.

And the question still remains. If a huge layer of the population considers themselves poor, where on the roads and car parks there are herds of expensive cars?

Do these drivers — very often the players or wags entertainer?Do these drivers — very often the players or wags entertainer?

Where Mercedes and Lexus?

“Small people are fighting for the prestige; the great he is and so”. Karel Capek

Really — where? Where is a common inhabitant of high-rise buildings got the money for the Lexus (Porec, merc, ku-eight — underline)? And even if such a machine sent to him by a rich uncle Izzy from America, how he contains it? Refueling, cleaning, insurance, maintenance, Parking… And the more expensive the car, the more money it is necessary, sorry, to fork out.

Statistics nods to the credit institution in which our compatriots like to take the money. It seems that more than 70% of the cars bought over the last 10 years, purchased on credit! Today such purchases generally in trend: to buy another iPhone in installments is fine…Stats are nods to the credit institution in which our compatriots like to take the money. It seems that more than 70% of the cars bought over the last 10 years, purchased on credit! Today such purchases generally in trend: to buy another iPhone in installments — this is normal…

To me, this behavior seems to savagery. As my grandma used to say, “no pants, but the hat!” But there’s nothing you can do about it: if Homo sapiens animal instincts prevail over the beginnings of reason, then he needs to stand out from the crowd. The bear stands up in front of the enemy on his hind legs, cocks huge role played by the size of the scallop, and some creatures are reasonable important the emblem on the car… Works the instinct of domination, say scientists-ethologists.

Unfortunately, according to psychologists, this behavior is mainly characteristic of the inhabitants of poor countries are not born to the middle class. Slum dwellers, by hook or by crook in possession of expensive watches or prestigious car, emphasize that its apparent success. But in those countries where these childhood diseases chickenpox, is not considered shameful to drive a minicar, and even on the subway, if it’s cheaper and more convenient.

Of course, many Russians are not buying new, and beushnye machines, price may start from any, sometimes ridiculous lines. But here occurs a curious phenomenon: our man is still not willing to drive the prestige car of the third grade! Hence, with regard to replacing Solaris with Grants he prefers utrennie in the trash Lexus and Audi.

To argue on these topics, in my experience, useless. The answer is heard, “you there, snickering,” that “we are people too” and finally that “we have go all the way”. By the way, the answer is in the poorest, according to statistics, the regions of the country. Like, we don’t need your Grant — Lexus better! Well, well…

Famous funny stories about the current American President, which for an event needed to purchase 150 chairs. Assistant to quickly find a suitable furniture for $1500 apiece, but the President winced, personally sat at the computer and finally got a decent chairs for $90 each. None of the invited did not feel like a second class citizen.

Unfortunately, in Russia today there is a different trend. And to come to work by tram for many tantamount to losing his face…

We have a car hoarding all year. Believe the statistics?We have a car hoarding all year. Believe the statistics?

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