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Well, he is lagging in the left lane… Well, who’s breaks?

In the beginning of the article there is a hint!“Behind the wheel”

The right-wing ranks of the free, and the left, on the contrary, the busy — a typical traffic situation, isn’t it? You will surely end up in a similar, and more than once.

So, a truck with a permissible gross weight of 3.5 tonnes moving at a speed of 80 km/h the Car goes 100 km/h And now look at the speed limit sign and answer the simple question: who of the drivers violates the Rules, moving the proposed scheme trajectories?

Choose your answer and correct — on the next page.

27 Jan

Who’s violates traffic rules?

1 — no 2 — truck driver 3 — the driver of the car 4 — both vedicastrology


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