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What car is better land Cruiser?

Whether the Patriot advantages over the legendary Toyota? And how!

As it turned out, the advantages gained are not so little. However, after reading this article, the owners “secureserv” did not go to surrender to the trade-ins and other thrift shop… So, just in case, just warning you: if you lack a sense of humor better not to view. This applies both to bazovogo and adherents of Japanese technicians, who are ready to see some insults to his beloved cars. Call in advance and those and others not to be offended.

  • Price! UAZ in any case will be significantly cheaper — even at the price of a million or more. Where to spend the money saved — it’s yours.
  • Maintainability. One may say that the “cruisers” do not break, but to repair the UAZ is still a bit easier. And cheaper, of course. Besides the road there is a chance to repair with small losses.
  • The trunk of the Oise more almost 200 liters
  • UAZ — working horse, a mechanical mule. It, accordingly, is not it a pity to chase tail and mane.
  • UAZ — a car for the handy man who likes to Tinker with technology. And it is not even about repairs, and the tuning in which the UAZ really needs. Thus, in my view, most modifications will look on the Oise quite organically — in contrast to the same Cruiser.
  • The transport tax is determined by the motor power, the Patriot is obviously lower. Again — saving money.
  • Insurance — again a financial benefit compared to the Cruiser.
  • The spare tire hanging on the tailgate, not under the belly: I think that off road is much more convenient.
  • Joint UAZ Patriot hidden in the thickness of the knuckle. A joint land cruisers with independent suspension protected from the weather our roads are the usual pylnika. And dust on the roads is often torn.
  • In terms of carrying capacity, volume and other everyday settings UAZ in no way loses. In this case, again, it does not hurt to carry boards, barrels, bags, etc.
  • Hardly anyone will want to give you avtopodstavy and other nasty road if you’re driving a UAZ. These crooks will be looking for your automobile.
  • The owner of UAZ will not pull the hands of professional beggars, again, they will find the car more prestigious.
  • In the yard of your UAZ will not look so attractive, as the same cruiser, and therefore the likelihood that it is stolen or damage under cover of night, less.

Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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