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What cars are not worth buying in the secondary market

Get ready a list of used cars that are not worth buying, wish any driver. But only a list of failed instances does not work. “Beushek” a lot more pitfalls than you can

Cars with legal problems

Legal problems is one of the main dangers faced by buyers of used cars. If the machine has restrictions on the registration steps, is pledged or under arrest, it cannot be put on record.

But motorists are still falling for this bait. One of such cases, said the Roman Neustroev, experienced motorist from Yekaterinburg.

My friend specially went to Chelyabinsk to buy a second-hand Mazda 6 for a lower price than in our city. Came to the traffic police to put the car on the account, and she was taken to the impound lot. The car was in custody and the other could do nothing. Lost money and transport.

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