What damage a computer virus “Petya” the Ukrainian auto business

From virus attack which not so long ago was subjected to computer networks of many companies, several different names. But the collective-has become a household name “Peter”. our source found out who and how hurt “Peter” among the operators of the automotive market.
Recall that the first viral attack began on 27 June, the eve of the weekend – the day of Constitution of Ukraine. According to the official version of cyberbully, it happened because of (and through) vulnerability in the program of electronic document flow M.E.doc. Virus-cryptographer (and maybe eraser) Diskcoder.C, entered in the electronic network of companies under different names. For example, ExPetr, PetrWrap, Petya, and NotPetya. Last week was fixed and the second viral attack. But it managed to beat the time.

A group of hackers have masked a computer attack under extortion. However, the national postal and telecommunications believes that “Peter” really was just a cover. And hackers thus collected codes enterprise companies-victims. But as it was called, a cyber attack paralyzed hundreds of companies in Ukraine. Unfortunately, among them were automobile importers and dealers.

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Here is what our source operators of the national car market. Someone virus bypassed, some affected partially, and in some companies it really hurt.

For example, the press-service of the company “AWT Bavaria” our source reported that the problem of the virus not affected.

About the same answered our source and marketing Director of Group of companies “AIS” Sergey Borovik. In particular, he said that their company was not injured, the security system worked perfectly. Accordingly, the disruption was not.

All is well and no losses in the company “Toyota Ukraine”.

In a press-service of the company “Porsche Ukraine” our source said that now the importer of Audi, VW, SEAT works flawlessly. All systems restored thanks to the coordinated work of an international team of Porsche Informatik.

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According to the Director of the Department of Mazda, the company “Auto international” Yuliya Sivak, fortunately, with licensed software, regular updates of antivirus software and security policies of the company managed to avoid direct damage from the virus. No computer was hurt. But for security purposes, and to clarify the situation, the “Car international” good to have you disconnected for some time from external communication channels.

“Unfortunately, due to the failures of some state-owned banks affected in the first place, both customers and dealers that have worked with these banks. Which means that – indirectly and we as dealers did not have the opportunity to take payments from customers or to make payments. Accordingly, this adversely affected sales in the last 4 days of June, and partly in early July,” said Ms. Sivak.

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In a press-service “Nissan Motor Ukraine” our source reported that thanks to the prompt response of the IT Department of the company “Nissan Motor Ukraine” has not suffered from a virus attack. But network some dealers were damaged. At the moment all the systems of the dealers already operating in the normal mode.

The company “MMC Ukraine” (Mitsubishi) affected only a few dealers. But the sale is not affected.

In a press-service of the company “Winner Ukraine” our source said that despite the high activity virus attacks Wanna Cry and Petya, the “Winner” managed to avoid them. Companies group Winner Group Ukraine worked in a regular mode, all information resources and systems were available. Accordingly, any impact on the sales and service of viruses did not have. Although, there was the possibility of the loss of absolutely all the data even with backups. Despite nezarazene IT-structure Winner that the company continues to work actively to increase the level of safety with the application of classical methods and approaches, and by using modern cloud technologies.

The head of government “Reno Ukraine” Jan Minenko told our source that the virus has affected their company. The company “Renault Ukraine” was stop investirovaniya new vehicles to dealers in 3 working hours. Effect of virus on sale there. But we promptly managed to stop him and restore the data from backup, – said Ms. Minenko. The it team had to work hard, but about 50 cars at the end of June we did not make the sale.

Now in “Renault Ukraine” strengthen measures for it security: introduce additional system redundancy and data protection, consider the possibility to go to the program alternative M.E.Doc. In addition, the company has implemented an awareness program information security for employees and partners “Renault Ukraine”.

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In a press-service of the Corporation “UkrAVTO” our source reported that the virus Petya affected only the separate enterprises of the dealer network of the Ukrainian Automobile Corporation. However, these incidents were not critical for the operation of UkrAVTO. According to the IT-service Corporations, slight interruptions were observed during one and a half days. The main activities of the Corporation, then stopping sales of cars, spare parts and services were recorded.

The Director of “Peugeot Citroen Ukraine” Victor Kordilevsky told our source that the viral attack, which occurred on June 27, has affected their company. Thanks to the efforts of it Department, managed to partially recover in 24 hours and fully after 48 hours. Fortunately, to losses of a material nature attack failed. Today the work of LLC “Peugeot Citroen Ukraine” and official dealer of brands Peugeot, Citroen and DS is in normal mode.

According to our source, “Peter” seriously hurt the company, “Dee Wee”, which continues to struggle with the consequences still. Also “caught” the virus and “Eurocar” and work continues on the restoration of data and electronic communications.

According to our source, from all varieties of virus “Peter” over the past two weeks suffered about a quarter of the Ukrainian distributor of automotive companies. And about 50% of importers virus caused damage dealers.

Its impact resulted in additional unexpected costs for restoring computer networks and data, the purchase of new IT solutions, and also the direct damage from the unsold cars and parts. Moreover, this damage was as due to the inability of dealers to sell cars, and because of the inability of the customers to buy them.

In total, according to estimates of our source, the official automobile Petya cost about 20 million euros. And this is the biggest loss from hacker attacks in the history of Ukrainian business.

Here is the link to the recommendations of the national police to restore access to the operating system

And to avoid fines for late registration of tax invoices with the virus, the Ministry of Finance advises companies to apply in postal and telecommunications and the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine. There must issue a certificate stating that the debt arose as a result of force majeure.

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