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What documents are needed for things in the trunk (don’t want to get on fine)

The article is devoted to transport in the car the most harmless looking things that actually can be banned, be it firewood or hunting trophies, has caused heated discussion on the forum. Readers respond expert “Behind the wheel”.Sergei Zinoviev “Behind the wheel”

— The question on the material on the website: “6 common things in the trunk, for which you will receive penalty”. Is there a list of what is required to have documents? Or a police officer determines it by eye?

— No, such a list does not exist. One shipment is prohibited one law, another — others.

The police really determines “suspicion” of the cargo to the eye and has every right to be. The same right is vested, for example, a gamekeeper and bailiff.

Employees of civil service are required to be wary if the car is carrying too many things-one: this leads to the idea of theft, smuggling, forbidden or illegal commercial fishing activity.

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