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What excuses used sellers used car

The check service history of car learned some excuses used sellers used cars. We have selected the problem with car message boards and contacted their owners. 8 cars were sold with an accident, the same number as collateral, 5 had registration restrictions. As they say sellers, answering our questions, read the the author of the blog

“Limitations arose due to tax debts”

Restrictions sold BMW 5 series offered nearly 1.2 million rubles. The owner has confirmed their availability and said that they had been imposed because of tax debts. The same owed was 25%. 75% responded that the restrictions arose because of unpaid fines. View report

“In a car accident came the previous owner. She was small bugs fixed”

The accident was Toyota Corolla 2014. In addition to the accident, she had limitations, the collateral, the calculation of repairs and unpaid fines. The owner said that in the accident were the former owner and that the blow was not strong. Report showed the opposite: the accident was not a minor, after a collision damaged the entire side of the machine. View report

Tradesmen come true with a car accident from the previous owner, it was 50%. 12,5% did not recognize the fact of the accident, since many of them didn’t even know about it, because it took cars on the market. Another 12.5% honest about the clash. The rest did not answer the call.

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“Online services provide false information”

This is what we heard from the seller, the Corolla, which was described above, when asked a question about the calculation of repair works. We call the amount of repairs and even a list of parts that were changed, and in response heard provides incorrect data. Similar responses were given exactly half of the owners. The second half said the first time hear about calculating the repairs of their cars.

“The car took on credit, so she pledged to the Bank. After the sale immediately burst into tears”

25% did not recognize the presence of collateral, to pay off the loan promised 75% of the respondents. If the seller does not repay the loan after the transaction, all debt will be transferred to the new owner. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, we recommend you to check the car before purchase.

Other excuses sellers

100% of sellers admitted that selling the car after the taxi and with twisted mileage. On the question of why the car is not in the seller, we were told that the car belongs to son-in-law, friend, father, brother and so on. The absence of the service book due to the fact that were not serviced by the official because of the high cost of services.

In fact, she was able to get the huge mileage of the car. In strong fading, helm blamed wives rings scratched braid.

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