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What happens if you overtake overtaking? Test yourself on the knowledge of traffic rules

Now on our roads which only freaks on the part of road users will not see. To overtake someone who is already carrying out overtaking? In the order of things. What say the Rules of the road about such maneuvers?

Imagine the situation. On a country road, on which traffic in each direction allotted three lanes in the right lane are driving a tractor, truck and passenger car. A truck driver caught up with the tractor decides to overtake. The driver of the car does not want to wait until the truck driver will finish the maneuver, and decides to get ahead of them both. The good carriageway width allows you to do it. Are such actions a violation of the rules of the road?

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13 Mar

Whether the driver of the car to make the maneuver at the specified path?

Allowed; Allowed only if the tractor is equipped with a sign “Slow vehicle”; Prohibited;to Vote


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